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After staying the night at the stable's inn, you and Link take off in the direction of the next village. You set course west, around Hyrule Ridge, up around Central Hyrule, and into the base of Eldin. Your travel took the entire morning, so you decide to stop at Foothill Stable to cook some food. Link insisted that he attempt to prepare meals this time, so you were free to do whatever you want.

You walk towards the back of the stable and see a few horses kept in stalls being groomed by a young hylian lady. "Hello," she says, "how can I help you? Oh!" she smiles with delight as she looks past you to Ginger tethered up. "Is that beautiful horse over there yours?" She asks.

"Yes, he is." You say.

"Could you bring him over?"

"Sure," you say and then walk over to pull the rope free from the fence. You walk him over to the enthusiastic lady.

"Beautiful indeed. Did you catch him in the wild?" She asks.

"Yes, I did."

"Of course, I'm only interested in horses that are given plenty of love. Let me see..." She takes a closer look at Ginger's face. "Ah yes, wonderful! His eyes are full of compassion and loyalty. Okay, I can offer my services to you."


"I can offer to change the saddle, bridle, or mane of your horse free of charge," she smiles proudly.

You then get excited. "Could we style his mane with flowers?" You ask.

"Oh excellent choice!" she smiles with you. She grabs ready cut flowers behind the counter and begins braiding them into his hair. You offer to help and hand her the flowers she asks for. 

He looks gorgeous. You then think of a cute way to prank Link.

"Can we do this horse as well?" you ask, pointing to Epona.

"Of course. What would you like to do?"

"Can we braid the mane?"

"Excellent choice!"

You then braided Epona's mane with the stable lady and added one little flower by the ear. You smile once you finish. You think Link will love it.

"Hey (Y/N)," you hear him call. You turn around and see him by the fire with two plates of food freshly made.

"Coming! Thank you, ma'am," you say to the stable lady and make your way towards Link. 

He made meat pie, and you'd be lying if you said it didn't look absolutely delicious. "Wow, Link. You outdid yourself this time," you say and take a bite. "It tastes amazing!"

"Uh, you think so?" he says and rubs the back of his neck. "Thank you."

"Here, gimme the Sheikah Slate," you say after swallowing a bite. He does as you request. "Okay," you say after turning on the glowing point for Goron City, "we are still a whiles away from Goron City. It's right near Death Mountain-- not exactly a welcoming name."

"It's called Death Mountain because you die if you get too close," says a hylian traveler listening into your conversation. "It's deathly hot up there. If you're headed to Goron City, I'll sell you some fireproof elixirs. Even Goron City regulars usually take at least three elixirs with them. I'll sell you three for 150 rupees."

"We'll take one each," you say, hoping Link has enough to pay for them. He does, which is a relief. You're flat broke.

"Alright, here they are. That should be enough to get there and back. If you're looking for a longer stay, I'd recommend bringing some rupees up there and buying the fireproof armor they have for sale there," the traveler said and left you to your meal.

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