His Final Song

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The curse lifts from the control unit and continues to pulsate orange with more warmth than before. You walk with Link over to the control unit. The adrenaline rush starts to leave your body, and the pain from being shot spikes sharply.

Link scans the Sheikah Slate at last. You watch the unit shimmer a shining blue with relief washing through you as the tension subsides.

"Well I'll be plucked... You defeated him, eh?" you hear Revali say, his voice closer this time. You turn around and see him landing upon the ancient stone of Medoh's Back. "Who would've thought?"

You smirk at his comment. Yet again, you exceed his expectations... or maybe he was talking more towards Link than you. "Well done. I suppose I should thank you now that my spirit is free. This returns Medoh back to its rightful owner!" Revali flourishes his hands, but stops as he sees your proud expression on your face. "Don't preen yourself just for doing your job."

This causes you to chuckle under your breath, breaking eye contact. When you look up again, you swear you can see a shadow of a genuine smile on his face. "(Y/N)," he sighs, "I do suppose you've proven your value as a warrior. A warrior worthy of my unique ability. The sacred skill I have dubbed Revali's Gale."

He raises his wing high in the sky. Wind and light are attracted to his movement and form a sphere of power which he throws at you. The light disappears in your chest and winds form beneath your feet, lifting you in the air. It tosses you backwards high up and you land on your feet again in a kneel. You stand up straight and feel Link's gaze on you.

"It's now time to move on and start making preparations for Medoh's strike on Ganon. But only if you think you still need my help while you're fighting inside Hyrule Castle," he says to both of you now. "Feel free to thank me now."

You hesitate, but just before Revali opened his mouth to say something, you say, "thank you."

He is taken aback by your reply. He looks away and sighs, then turns around seeming embarrassed. "Just go," he says, "your job is far from finished, you know."

Particles of light surround you and Link just like before. It gets brighter and brighter, preparing to transport you back to Rito Village. Just before light claims your vision, you see Revali look back at you with a smile... or was he scowling at Link...?

You will never know, as this was the last time you will see him again.


You find yourself back on the landing at Rito village, now in possession of Revali's Gale. You sigh and look at Link who is staring hard at the ground. "Hey," you say and nudge him to try and snap him back to reality. "Let's go meet with the elder."

Link looks up at your smile and breaks eye contact, subtly returning the smile.

You walk with him to the room where the elder sits. "You have done it!" Kaneli booms at you the moment you stepped into the room. "And you survived, at that! You conquered Divine Beast Vah Medoh! To think that the beast has taken up roost at the top of the village! It looks simply... divine. If the legends are true, the light from the Divine Beasts will ravage the Calamity. For now, Divine Beast Vah Medoh will become the protector of this village and live on in legend... alongside you." He laughs and pats his feathered covered belly.

"Oh yes, of course, I must reward you properly," he remembers and stands up from his seat. He turns around and retrieves something from behind his chair. "What you did was miraculous. Though I should expect nothing less from the bloodline of a Champion. Why... you two are almost the equal of the very Hylian Champions who fought with Master Revali 100 years ago..." He pauses, thinking, and then remembers why he is in the awkward position of reaching behind his chair.

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