Satori Mountain

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You wake up late the next day. Once your eyes open the slightest bit, allowing you to see daylight, you roll over again and cover yourself further with your blankets.

Despite the declaration you made the day before, you slept in further. The full story behind Ahgin was too much. Thinking about it, even a little, triggers it to run in your head again, leaving no room to concentrate or think about anything else. 

Eventually, you bring yourself to get up. The day was ahead of you whether you liked it or not. 

You swing your legs over the side of the bed and stretch, facing walls of the room. You yawn obviously and turn around to see Link already woke up, most likely waiting for you in the kitchen. 

You throw on your coat and pull on your boots before gathering all of your belongings. You exit the inn and walk through the levels of the village to the kitchen. 

Indeed, your prediction was spot on. Link sat in the kitchen, humming a tune to himself, as he not only cooked breakfast, but skewered meals for the road as well. "Good morning," you greet him.

He looks up at you with a playful smile. "Yes, good morning on this morning that is present."

You rub your eyes with a frown. "Is it really that late? I'm sorry."

"No, don't apologize!" Link says with his tone taking a 180. "I was only joking."

He hands you a bowl of fried egg and rice before crossing his legs. You sit down a little ways away from him and thank him for the meal. You dig in, and to be expected, meet with a delicious taste. 

"Your skills are getting out of hand," you say to Link with a mouthful. "Did you season this with Hyrule herb and salt?"

"You're dead on."

"Excellent choices," you compliment and devour the meal at a speed that could compete against Link. He watches you with raised eyebrows.

"Would you like any more?"

"No thanks. It was the perfect serving," you say with the 'ok' sign. 

Link eats his portion before turning the Sheikah Slate on again. "I was thinking," he starts, "like when you suggested we go after retrieving our lost weapons, what if we spend the day looking for the captured memories?"

"Which ones?" you say with interest. 

"These two," he says and spins the slate around on the ground, pointing at the third and tenth photos. "This one--" he references the third-- "has Medoh in the background. The picture was taken facing northwest, so it should be somewhere near here southeast. This one-- "he points to the tenth-- "doesn't have any obvious landmarks, but if you look there--" he points to the view directly south-- "at Gerudo Highlands, it's clear the photo was taken also in that direction. I'm sure we can find it around here."

"That sounds like a plan," you nod.

After the meal was cleared and your clothes changed, you exit the village and bid it farewell. Now with only the help of two pictures, you and Link set off to find the captured memories on your horses.

You head south down the trail for a little while before structures in the distance catches your eye. "Look up there!" you point to the top of a hill.

Link follows your line of vision and sees stone pillars dressed in moss with an orange glowing shrine. 

"That's it!" he shouts with excitement and takes off on Epona down the road. You catch up to him to the base of the cliff. 

It only took a little bit of climbing before you arrive at the top. You and Link both walk around the ancient structure to the same angle the photo was taken in. You then turn to Link expectantly.

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