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After staying at the Goron inn and sleeping on beds of rock, you and Link leave the city and start your trek south. Because of the magical properties from the armor, you were safe to glide down the mountain and avoid all monsters that spawned only to slow you down.

"Wait a second!" Link calls over the howling wind. You slightly gasp as you turn to him, thinking he spotted oncoming danger. He let go of his paraglider and dropped won on a cliff's ledge to your left. You join him shortly after.

"What is it?" 

"I just remembered," he mutters and grabs the Sheikah Slate. You look over his shoulder as he pulls up the album and selects the fifth picture. The landscape was self evidently in Eldin, and nearby. The view pointed towards the castle southwest of Death Mountain.

"Good catch," you say.

Link looks up and scans the surroundings for the direction to head in. "There," he points, a little west from the castle. 

"Let's go."

You and Link take a running start and jump off of the ledge together, gliding by each other's side. You pass over Lizalfos camps that were too far away to spot you. The first cliff you aimed for didn't have the right angle. After you pointed out a different one to try, the both of you finally found the fifth memory.

You patiently wait as Link recalls the memory. As soon as he relaxes his tension, he looks down again and replays the memory. "There's a line between courage and recklessness," he mutters barely audibly.

He looks up at you and sees your expecting expression. 

"I saw the aftermath of a battle against monsters," he lowly shrugs. "Nothing drastic."

But when he looks back at the ground, you start to think otherwise. Link reflects back in his head the image of the slain monsters. There was a field of bokoblins and even some Lynels, and he killed all of them with just his sword? No shield? And all he received in return was a scratch.

A feeling of doubt silently passes over him. What if he can't prove himself to be as strong as he once was...

"Are you alright?" you quietly ask.

"Yeah," he waves you off, "I'm fine. We should get going. Ginger and Epona are still waiting for us."

It takes you a moment to recall where you left your horses. "Oh no, you're right," you say. You and Link jump off of the cliff again and glide down to the entrance of Eldin.

At the foot of the mountain, you are then reunited with your horses.

"Ginger!" you call to the patient horse as you break into a brisk jog. "I missed ya, buddy," you say and stroke his flower braided mane. He utters a soft neigh and closed his eyes at the affection. You look in your pockets for an apple but find none. "I am getting you a snack as soon as we pass an apple tree."

You hop on Ginger and hook your feet in the stirrups. You look over to Link expectantly as you grab the reins and see him join you in mounting his steed. 

"Let's head home," you say.

Link turns to you and gives you a nod. "Let's."

The both of you head down southwest to Central Hyrule and follow the main roads leading east to Dueling Peaks. By now, neither you or Link had to Look at the map. All of the roads were so familiar to you after two weeks of travel.

Heading straight to Impa was tempting, but you were carrying so much weight of the Boulder Breaker and Great Eagle Bow, you wanted to drop them off at Hateno as soon as you could. 

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