Cross Dressing

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After some well deserved rest that lasted until sunset, you and Link decide to head to Gerudo Town. The temperature settled to a comfortable perfection, only leaving a window of opportunity to travel. 

You gather your belongings and begin your trek through the sand to the foreign town. As it grew closer, you can see protective walls of sandstone surrounding the town, as well as two tall guards standing by the entrance. 

Once you reach the arching entrance way with Link at your side. You attempt to walk through, but the two Gerudo guards stop you. Eight feet tall toned women point their spears at you two.

"Halt! No voe are allowed in our walls!" one shouts. 

"Voe?" Link echoes the unfamiliar word.

"The Gerudo term for male," she clarified.

"How come?" you ask in indignation.

"It is a Gerudo tradition to only allow vai in our town. A tradition that has been here for centuries and will be kept!" She slams her spear on the sand intimidatingly. You turn to Link as you try to think fast.

"Well, shoot," you say and look around. Nearby, you spot a traveller who was spying at the Gerudo Town entrance. "Hey, maybe that guy knows something."

"Who?" Link says and follows you.

When you approach the man, he stops his obvious spying and places his hands on his hips. "You too, huh?" he says. "Man, I can't find any way to get inside without those guards finding me!"

"Is there really no way in?" You ask.

"Well," the traveler says, "no, there is. I heard there is a man who frequently travels between Kara Kara Bazaar and here and gets in without problem. So, I'm waiting for him. I plan on asking him how he pulls off his amazing infiltration. My plan is flawless!"

The stranger was quick to get back to his spying.

You turn to Link and frown. "What do we do now?" you say.

"If there is someone who frequently travels between the two," Link says, "then we should run into him on the path. We should head back to the Bazaar and see if we see anyone."

"Good idea," you nod and head in the direction of the Bazaar. 

The sky started to glow a twilight and casted a shuddering chill on the desert. You were previously wishing for the desert to be colder, but you didn't mean this cold. You hugged yourself as you walked along the path.

No one was around the bazaar except a few people inside the lonely building. The person you are looking for has probably left.

"We should wait until morning," you suggest. 

"Yeah, I... suppose that would be smart," he agrees and follows you to the building, where it is significantly warmer. You sit down on a cushioned bench and lean back, thankful for the heat. You take off your gear and set them aside. You grabb some mushroom sauté and ate the dish, offering some to Link.

You waited out the night, completely throwing off your sleeping schedule. Link fell asleep beside you, with his hand almost touching yours. His soft breathing filled the silence in the room. You thought of something to do in all this spare time, already limited by the fact you shouldn't wake Link. You then thought of his Sheikah Slate.

It wouldn't hurt to see the pictures and runes right now. They interested you, truthfully. You slowly and quietly reach over and grab Link's Sheikah Slate. You turn it on and it emanated an electronic chime. You freeze and hope the noise didn't wake him.

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