Three to Go

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The two orbs of yellow light fall upon the domain's entrance. You and Link appear in a flash, making you feel nausea from the magic effects.

'Mipha,' you think with your eyes glued to the ground. 'Mipha... and all the other champions. They really are dead. They're dead and trapped inside their Divine Beasts. They've been traps for 100 years, and it's... It's all my fault, isn't it?'

"(Y/N)?" Link says gently. You snap out of your trance with a gasp.

"Huh?" you respond and turn to look at him, wiping your eyes as casually as you can, pretending you're pinching the bridge of your nose from a headache.

"Are you okay?"

'No. Four friends of mine are dead because of me. In the prophecy, I was supposed to be a guide, right? I was supposed to deliver guidance and advice straight from the goddess. Obviously, I failed.'

"Yeah," you answer without eye contact. "It was just a scratch."

"No, I mean--" Link breaks off, afraid he'll say something wrong. He didn't need to speak any further as you already knew what he meant.

"Yeah n-- no, I'm-- I'm fine," you say with a wave of your hand. "Sidon's waiting for us."

You begin walking towards the throne room, leaving Link taken aback behind you. He jogs to keep up, not wanting to pry, but wanting to understand so he can help.

The king can be seen sitting on his throne with a prideful expression on his face upon seeing the two of you arrive. "Champion Link, General (Y/N), thanks to your efforts, there is no longer any danger of a great flood laying waste to Hyrule!" You hear footsteps behind you and see what seems to be the entire Zora's Domain behind you. You glance at the Zoras and the children, then turn your attention back to the King. "You appeased the Divine Beast Vah Ruta and thusly saving Zora's Domain!"

The Zoras behind you cheer together in enthusiastic volumes.

"We are all truly grateful! What you two did for us is more than we could ever have expected from you," he announces.

"Link and (Y/N), I must sincerely apologize for my harsh treatment of you," Muzu says. You look over and see him carrying Mipha's Lightscale Trident in hand. "Please accept this gift, General. I am sure Mipha would want you to have it."  You take the gorgeous spear with surprisingly light weight. You hold it up and observe the jewels on the trident sway.

"Thank you," you say. "I will take good care of it." You hook the spear in place on your back with the rest of your gear to carry around. Sidon steps forward at the opportunity to talk.

"Thank you Link and (Y/N)! I knew you two had it in you!" He then grabs you and Link into a bone-crushing hug, taking your ability to breathe away. After a beat of affection and gratitude, the prince pulls away from the hug but still has a tight grip on your shoulders. He then looks startled as he looks at you.

"(Y/N)! You're wounded!" he jumps. You touch a finger to your cheek and see the crimson blood on your face, minutes away from settling into a dry seal.

"It's nothing. I'm fine," you assure him and shake your head. 

"At least head to the inn!" he begs. "They should have something there to patch you up." You nod and are about to turn away when Sidon grabs your hand again with a hearty handshake. You turn around with a startled expression. "And, thank you so much for setting my sister's spirit free."

You smile and nod in response, feeling the closure help with your sorrow. He lets go of his grip and you and Link make your way past the many Zoras. The group parted to let you through with cheers of 'we're saved!' and 'thank you heroes!'.

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