The Zora Princess

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"Muzu must have gone to the square down below," King Dorephan says. "Would you mind going down there? I would like you to try to speak with him." Link nods and turns around to the stairs, changing into the Zora Armor as he walks. You follow him, averting your eyes.

You walk down the stairs and turn to the statue of Lady Mipha.

"Muzu... please listen," Sidon tries to reason.

"I don't care what you say!" Muzu stubbornly shouts. Link clears his throat to make his presence known, cueing Muzu to turn to him. "Hmph, you came all the way down here, but it was in vain. I have no desire to speak with you."

"Listen well, Muzu. There is something you need to know," Sidon speaks up. "He who stands here... the man called Link... is the one whom my sister, Mipha, had feelings for." Muzu looked taken aback. "I was only a child then, so I didn't know it myself at the time. But it is so. I grew up hearing my father tell stories, some of which were about my sister's undying love for a Hylian named Link."

"What?! No..." Muzu jumped. "You can not fool me with such a lie! Not this Zora! How could Lady Mipha have feelings for a Hylian like him?! The facts are clear. He remembers nothing. Even when he looks upon Princess Mipha's statue," Muzu scoffs.

"It is the truth, Muzu. Though you never knew it, he was ever in Mipha's heart," Sidon says.

You turn your attention to the statue and look at it more closely. She is gracefully holding a trident with glowing crystals at the base of the carving. She wore jewelry with the symbol of the Zora. She was beautiful. You gazed at the spear and a familiar feeling came back to you. You study its design, and suddenly, you remember.


(Y/N) sat down with Mipha at the waters edge, adorned in a royal guard uniform rolled up and exposing a scar Mipha offered to heal. "Your control of your power is excellent," the commander complimented.

"Thank you, General (Y/N)," Princess Mipha said. "I've been developing this ability for years."

"How did you develop it?"

"I don't quite remember," Mipha said and finished her work, the glowing disappearing. (Y/N) observed the scar was then faded and healed. "It's been with me as long as I can remember."

"Must've been a gift from the goddess," said (Y/N). "Those are very rare. You're very lucky."

"I understand that," Mipha looked away, a thought tracing her mind.

"Where do you harness that power?"

"Well, I've always thought about one person I love. It seems to drive me to keep going," Mipha claimed. "Perhaps if the princess knew that, she would have better luck in accessing her own power."


The two champions sat in silence for a few moments, listening to the sound of the water. While staring at the glassy surface, they spotted something in the water. "Sidon, swim over here," Mipha called. The small Zora did as he was told, slowly but surely. He jumped up on land and shook off some of the water dripping off his scaled skin. "Sidon, have you met my teacher, (Y/N)?"

The small Zora shook his head.

"They taught me all I know, and they are the prophecy's leader," Mipha smiled. Prince Sidon looked up at (Y/N) with his large eyes then gave a large toothy grin. The general adored the young Zora.

"You're going to be a hero when you're older, huh," (Y/N) smiled. Sidon nodded eagerly. "Keep smiling like that and everyone will fall in love with you."

Sidon beamed at the statement while Mipha looked at her brother, a twinge of sadness in her eyes as she thought about how she would one day leave him.


You gasp and look around. You stare at the statue once again and then to the floor, replaying the scene in your head. You can remember the Zora and her kindness, which was something you admired and strived to take after. You can remember how much you loved how strong she was.

"What is the matter, you two? Are you unwell?" Sidon asks with concern. You look over at Link who is staring at the statue with a worried look on his face.

"Hm? You are quivering like a hatchling. Whatever is the matter?" Muzu asks.

"Mipha..." Link manages to get out. "I remember."

"What?! Don't mistake me for a fool, Hylian! There is no way you remembered her now, when it is most convenient," Muzu doubts.

"I remember her too," You mutter. Muzu becomes stunningly annoyed.    

"In any case, without any solid proof, I can not possibly take you at your word!" Muzu rebuts.

"Have you truly not figured it out yet? Simply take a closer look at what Link is wearing!" Sidon says.

"Hm? You really think changing your clothes is going to make me..." Muzu trails off. He stares at Link's figure with the Zora armor. "Eh?! What in the... that Zora armor is from before! Lady Mipha made that by hand and yet it fits you perfectly! What is the meaning of this?!"

"Now you understand, do you not?" Sidon says. "Now you know who her heart belonged to and who she made this special armor for. The fact that this armor fits Link perfectly should be proof enough that Mipha made it for him and him alone!" Sidon explained. He realized his critical tone and cleared his throat to begin speaking calmly afterward. "You have always disliked Hylians, even before the Great Calamity, that is why Mipha never told you. Now that you know, you must promise you will help him save us all, Muzu!" Sidon encouragingly says.

"Please... tell us where we can find the shock arrows we need," Sidon prompts.

"Wait, Prince Sidon," You jut in. "How many do we need?" 

"Maybe just over twenty," he estimated.

"Is this enough?" You take out all the shock arrows you collected through the maze of Lizalfos you and Link defeated. "They are from the monsters by the river."

Sidon smiles and stretches his arms out. "Fantastic!" he cheers with sparkles. "Amazing! Now we don't need to go through quite so much effort!" He then changed to a serious expression. "I will be waiting by Reserviour Lake. Please come to meet me once you are ready." He started to walk off. You rushed over and stopped him.

"Thank you," you say. Sidon blinked in surprise. "But... I'm sorry. I should be blamed for your sister's death. If I didn't fail, I could have--"

"It is not your fault," he cuts you off with a shake of the head. "Please do not blame yourself," he assures you. You faintly smile and turn around to Link who appears to be physically tired.

"I think we should head to the inn. I am exhausted," he says. You look up and see the moon had already reached its peak in the sky long ago. You nod in agreement and follow him to the inn.

You tell the Zora at the counter to wake you and Link at noon. Soon, you fall asleep as the little hours of morning light rise to start the day to take back Ruta.

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