Manipulated Musician

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"Oh, calm down, hero," Ahgin says to Link. "I have no weapon drawn." He holds out his empty hands to his side.

Link is restless and itches to draw his weapon.

"Hyrule did everything they could in preparation to the Calamity," Ahgin says. "They unearthed the Divine Beasts and the guardians and they assigned Champions to pilot the machines. (Y/N), you worked so hard to best serve the Kingdom. It broke my heart. You were blind to every victory and thought nothing you did was good enough. I barely had any time to see you as the days drew on. But all those efforts by you, by me-- by everyone... was wasted."

"When the Calamity struck, you were halfway across the kingdom. I couldn't do anything to help you. When I found you lifeless in Hyrule Field... I wished I was dead with you. I wished my life was taken beside yours so you didn't have to walk off this mortal plane alone."

"It was a miracle when Purah discovered the second Shrine of Resurrection. I was so relieved to hear I hadn't lost you yet. I was there when you were placed into the slumber of restoration. I watched the shrine's doors close, never to be opened again. I waited, (Y/N). I waited for you to come back. But you wouldn't. You wouldn't wake up."

"Purah told me it would take time, so I waited. I waited outside of that shrine. I watched as the door was sealed shut by moss and time and I hoped and prayed for the day when you would step out of it. I waited for years, (Y/N). You took so long, I gave up."

"The day would never come. You were gone and there was nothing I could do. So I gave everything I had away and I prepared for the end of my life."

"Did you know that when you are so low-- when everything is life and death... the smallest relief, the smallest joy and excitement becomes thrilling? How living with a destroyed future makes you feel high with rouse? That's what it felt like when the Yiga Clan came to me. That's what it felt like when they took me into their forces and taught me their blackened magic. I loved terrorizing those useless fools who had never experienced loss or pain. Hylia, I loved it so much, they let me take over role as leader once the last one passed."

"How about now, (Y/N)?" Ahgin says. "Now that I've spilled my story for you, you remember me now, right? Sure, I'm wearing different clothes," he places a hand on his mask, "but I'm still the same."

In one fluid motion, Ahgin removes his mask and lowers his hood.

It was him.

Ahgin had red wine eyes that were fixed on you. His face looked to have only aged a few years. His white hair was tied back in a ponytail with bangs that curtained his face, which was clouded by a dark smirk.

Upon seeing him again, your closest friend before the calamity, you instantly remember. But not just one memory, multiple. And they all come rushing back.


"You mean, other people can't hear it too?" (Y/N) asked, no older than the age of seven.

The Sheikah elder looked down at the child. She had long, white hair and copper eyes with a Sheikah eye painted on her forehead. She looked almost identical to her daughter, Impa. "That's right," Mekaih answered. "You are very special, (Y/N)."

"I don't get it," (Y/N) said. "Why am I special?"

Mekaih opened her mouth to answer, but froze as she heard movement behind her. A small smile appeared on her face as she turned to the door way behind her.

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