Hyrule Castle

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(A/N: I just finished Age of Calamity 😭 it was so good and it is SO worth the money. With this new inspiration, I will now try to write the rest of this story as soon as possible! I'm using the actual game as reference, so it might take some time.
ALSO, to save time, I am not going back and rereading the older chapters, so some things might not line up. Don't worry! I'll fix this later! I just want to focus on the writing right now.)

You knew very well that this might be the last time you stare dazzled at the view of Hyrule.

You stare at the beautiful fray of a world that has been struggling for an eternity. It is now time to make everything right again. You've done as much as you could and you're as prepared as they get, but nothing seemed to be able to calm your nerves. Now, you simply gaze at the horizon as if it was your last opportunity.

It might be. And that thought killed you.

You can hear Link approaching to join you. He stops beside you and studies your expression. "Are you ready to go?" he asks you.

You smile hopelessly. "No," you answer and turn to him, "but what the hell."

You take a running start and leap off the edge of the cliff, unfolding your paraglider in the air. The cloth sail catches you and allows you to glide across the rest of the plateau with Link shortly behind you.

The ground beneath you takes a dramatic decline where the plateau ends. Moblins and Bokoblins look up at you, dumbfounded, as you sail safely out of their reach.

Eventually, gravity returns you back to the earth. After yesterday's efforts, you are now able to walk the main path through Hyrule semi-safely. There were still some guardians you will be forced to avoid. For example, the one patrolling the entrance to the castle town.

"We meet again," you mutter and take out your ancient bow. You nock one of your ancient arrows onto the string. You activate the technology and watch the arrow blaze a guardian blue. "Try this one out for size."

You draw back the string and release. The arrow took flight in a perfectly straight line, right on target. The technology struck deep right into the side of the glass eye. It defeated the guardian instantly.

You and Link both stare in awe.

"Wow..." you mutter while looking at the other ancient arrows. "Robbie... you genius."

You and Link both take off towards the gate together. You both stop in the gateway and peer around the wall. Just past the gate, in the middle of the main path, was a decayed guardian stalker tipped on its side. No other enemies were too near it. Link gives you a nod and you both dash silently across the main path.

But your nearby presents alerts the guardian stalker and jumpstarts its programming back online. You grab onto Link's sleeve and jump backward to hide behind the ledge of the stone path.

The spiked adrenaline refreshed your terrible dread to face Ganon. You furrow your eyebrows and frantically think of a way to lessen the danger.

"The main path is gonna be filled with obstacles since it's naturally the easiest way in," you whisper to Link. "We should go around," you nod towards the west side of the castle. "It'll be safer."

"Good idea."

You take out your bow and reach for an ancient arrow, but you stop yourself. You only have so many of these special arrows, so you decide to save them.

You grab a regular arrow instead and stun the newly active guardian. With the small window of time, you and Link rush to a large gap in the exterior wall and climb to the top. Now at a high vantage point, you are able to take in the utter despair of the tomb this town became.

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