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I just marked my story as complete and I am CRYING.



When I first started this story I was twELVE YEARS OLD. I am now sixteen, and in the middle of writing this story, I came to the abrupt realization that I am in fact not a female!reader. Therefor, my friends, I have decided to change this story to have a gender neutral MC (GN!Reader) 

The people who were here at the very beginning are probably long gone. But if you guys are still here...

27awesomestreet @SOULSTORM666 @_powerofanimeandGod_ @Irene1928 @LegendOfZelle @StarPaw_thewolf @Amanda_Panda07 @Aimee015678

...Here is a list of some of the people I wanna appreciate! These are users that have sent me so much support, I can remember their usernames. Especially 27awesomestreet. They were here from the beginning and were the first user to leave handfuls of comments on my chapters.

Thank you guys so much!!!!

I am now in a special program in a school of the arts for writing, which I think sets a good perspective on how much this story has helped me develop my writing. There was this one comment that @SakuraPillar wrote that I'll never forget:

 There was this one comment that @SakuraPillar wrote that I'll never forget:

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Thank you 😩😩😩!!!

Breath of the Wild means so much to me. It is the first game that I have ever fallen in love with. In difficult times in miDdLe sChOoOl, I would always look forward to playing Zelda and eating chocolate after school. I'm even repeating my old habits. Now during difficult times in high school, I can go home after school and listen to audio books while I play. 

I just finished listening to The Martian by Andy Weir. Do you know why the movie is so good? That's because it's exactly like the book. That opening scene???? When Mark Watney was struck by the antenna??? That scene has dialogue that is WORD FOR WORD to the book!!! That's how you do it right!! 

Which is so unlike Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, though that book was doomed to have a failed movie. The story is so good but the amount of copyright the movie would have would be ungodly

BOTW is perfect for listening to books, especially since I am currently challenging myself to complete the entire game without teleporting in Master Mode. I doubt I'll be able to complete the Trial of the Sword since I only managed to complete the first in normal mode, but we'll see. 

With 370 hours in the game, I am now done with my three year old fan fiction. It's funny, my best works are fan fiction... I guess because it's easier to write out a scene that already exists.

When I started writing this story, I hadn't even defeated Ganon yet. Now I've defeated that focker THRICE HAHA

And, seriously, Age of Calamity is fantastic. Nintendo has really improved their cutscene animations. Link has emotions and micro-expressions in aot. YO ITS SO WORTH THE MONEY. Plus, killing hordes of monsters is stress relieving mwahahaha

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble! You guys are fantastic. I'm sorry I abandoned you multiple times for months at a time. But y'know, it all worked out in the end. 


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