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You and Link leave the promenade on your horses back where you came from. Everything felt a lot more, and strangely, comfortable between you two. Both of you, though neither noticed the other, found yourselves smiling subconsciously. 

If Link hadn't lightened the mood when you returned from your memory, the atmosphere would be very different. You internally thank him for that. 

Going along with the set plan for the day, you head north for any path leading to Akkala. There weren't any main roads that connected directly from the promenade. You chose to go up and around the mountainsides and through heavy marshes northwest. If you continued too far north, you would run straight into Lizalfos camps. 

"Okay, let's stop here for a bit," you say and bring Ginger to a halt in front of the Wetlands Stable. 

"Is there a reason?" Link asks you as you dismount your steed. "We've still got plenty of sunlight."

"Don't deny it, you're hungry."

Link takes a breath to say something but stops midway. You chuckle and turn to walk around the stable and find the fire to cook. It doesn't take long before you stop in your tracks with a familiar face catching your eye. 

"Oh! You're one of the two that found the Great Fairy Fountain!" Pikango greets you. "Funny running into you here! Are you traveling too?" After hearing the familiar voice, Link furrows his eyebrows and looks around Epona to see the Sheikah you met just hours ago.

"How on-- how did you get here so fast?" you ask without any guesses to the answer.

"A magician never reveals his secrets," he grins. You walk over an observe he is painting Hyrule Castle, free from malice, with an artistic choice of painting a sunset background. "Beautiful isn't it?"

You look at him and see he isn't talking about hit own work, but the view. "I wish I could've seen it in its full glory all those years ago," he says as Link walks over as well. "How much I would give to see architecture and landscapes like that... I travel all over the world, you know, but one place I will never dare to go is that glorious castle right there. I'd rather admire it from afar than take an early trip to the grave."

"You're valid," you nod.  

 "Enough of the impossible," he rests his hands on his hips, "did you find the place you were looking for yet?"

"Yes we did," you smile. "Thank you for the directions."

"I'm glad! That place really takes your breath away, doesn't it? Are you off to find another stunning view? Any other places I can point you in the direction of?"

"Sure. Do you recognize anything?" Link says as he takes out his Sheikah Slate. 

"That forest..." Pikango mutters as he looks at the twelfth picture. "I get the feeling I've seen it before. I can't say for certain, but I believe this may depict the forest just south of here."

"Really?" Link says hopefully.

"No wait... Maybe it's the forest on the other side of the river, northeast of the Bottomless Swamp?"

Link looks at the map feature on the Sheikah Slate and begins to search for the Bottomless Swamp. He furrows his eyebrows, however, when he realizes the other side of the river is unmapped territory. 

"I went for a stroll around there recently and I feel like I may have seen a view like that," Pikango says. "I hope you find the place."

"Thank you," you say. "Your intel is much appreciated."

"Of course, of course!" he grins. "Anytime! You have quite the list. May I ask what inspired your quest?"


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