Typhlo Ruins

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You ride Ginger off the trail leading to the korok forest and set course north west around the forest to your destination. 

Impa told you Darkblight Ganon cursed Typholo ruins to be inky black with no way of seeing a path. She said that your sword is going to be more difficult to obtain. This must include a puzzle. If there is no path, then there must be a puzzle having to do with direction. Like the embers in the flames. 

You are  lost in thought until you find yourself in a familiar location. You tug on Ginger's reins to stop as you stare in the location, trying to remember how you know this place. Then you remember the memory you recalled at Gerudo. The memory with Link...

Off by a clearing, you see a Lynel... and you remember that you and Link were interrupted by a Lynel in the memory. Could this be the same one? A descendent? 

"What's the matter?" Link asks you, noticing your angered expression. He looks at where you were looking; the hills behind Hyrule Castle. 

He gets out his Sheikah Slate and turns to the picture Princess Zelda took. You can see it in his eyes that he is recalling whatever memory that was. Part of you hopes he doesn't remember the memory of you, but part of you wishes very much that he does.

"Hey, Link," you find yourself calling as you continue to stare at the Lynel. You hear a hum in response as he is snapped back to reality. "Could we fight that Lynel?"


"It can be our warm up to the Blight Ganon we are about to face."

Link stiffens. 


You forgot to mention the boss you are going to be fighting. 

"There's another Blight?"

"I'm sorry," you cringe and look away. "I could've sworn I told you."

"It's okay," he forgives. "Better find out now than later."He stares at the Lynel circling its territory behind the castle. "Okay," he agrees with hesitation. "But if we waste any healing potions or get hurt, I am going to be mad."

'Trust me', you think, 'to me, it is going to be so worth it.'

You jump off Ginger and jog down the hill, waiting for Link at the base. "Ready?" you ask him. He gives you a nod. 

Both of you run at the Lynel at once. The beast notices and gives a mighty roar. You jump out of his attack, royal claymore in hand. You find a perfect opening to attack and slash the daylights out of of it.

Link fights the Lynel from behind as you grab its full attention. It roars and leaps into the air. You run backward just in time as its sword sinks into the ground where you were standing moments before. As its attention focuses on Link, you draw your bow and fire a bomb arrow. It explodes in the gap between its horns and leaves a scorching fire eating away at its fur.

In the midst of the battle, Link gets an idea and retrieves the Sheikah Slate. He selects the Stasis rune and thrusts the Slate towards the Lynel. The beast is then suddenly frozen in time, trapped in a yellow sheen with magical chains holding it in place. 

Link dashes towards the monster and slashes it. You quickly join him after a moment of awe. When the monster breaks free from the chains of time, it is knocked back slightly, but recovers.

You can see the Lynel was growing weak, giving you a leap of victory. "Both of us!" you yell. "Ready?" 

You look over to Link and see his face emotionless and concentrating. The Lynel takes a slash and you parry the blade, performing a perfect guard, and creating an opening. "Now!!"

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