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You and Link ride Ginger and Epona on the path west to Kakariko. On the way you pass under the gateway to Fort Hateno. You've passed this location multiple times before, but never have you noticed a man carrying a travel bag and rummaging through the Guardian's moss-blanketed stone.

'What in Hyrule is that guy doing?' you think as you squint your eyes at the suspicious figure.

"Hey, hold on for a sec," you say to Link and tug on Ginger's reins.

"What's wrong?" he asks you as you dismount your horse. You walk over to the man with Link following you.

"Hey," you say and grab the stranger's attention, "what are you doing?"

"Well, hello gorgeous," he greets you and replaces his concentrated face with a charming grin. You are taken aback by his forwardness as he leans against the decayed Guardian. "I know what you're thinking," he says with pure confidence. "'Is that the guy everyone's talking about? The dashing treasure hunter Teli, with his roguish good looks?' Yep, that's me."

Behind you, Link's face immediately drops into an annoyed expression.

"I'm out collecting ancient parts from ruined Guardian remains," Teli explains as he runs his fingers through his silver hair. "I'm a bit of a treasure hunter, if you get my drift. A dangerous job, I know. Rich and devilishly handsome I am."

Teli's eyes then land on Link who wore a face clearly saying 'for the love of Hylia, just shut up'.

"Why do you need Guardian remains?" you ask, not caring for his character.

"Well, If you go far to the north, up to Akkala, you'll find a man who deals in Guardian parts. Buys them for a fortune. He's half my business, truth be told. As long as he's in the market, I can keep treasure hunting until I get my big break."

"Why would someone buy Guardian remains?" you ask further.

"There's a scientist of some sort over at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, claims he uses them to build weapons and such designed to kill Guardians with ease. But something tells me that might be a cover story. What if he's actually repairing Guardians? That would be pretty bad."

"Weapons to kill Guardians..." you mutter.

"They cost Guardian remains and a fistful of rupees, he tells me. I've never been interested. I'm a treasure hunter, not a monster hunter," he says.

"Interesting..." you mutter again. "Thanks for the intel. See ya!"

"Wait, you're not gonna steal my treasure from me, are you?" he says with a smirk playing on his lips. "There's some left, but don't go and beat me to it."

"Yeah sure, bye."

You begin walking down the path of Fort Hateno with Link jogging to keep up, as he was previously occupied by giving the treasure hunter a look. "There's seriously a scientist working on weapons to kill Guardians?" Link muses as he walks next to you.

"If that guy wasn't lying," you respond. "That was lucky. Central Hyrule and the castle is swarming with Guardians. If we want to defeat Ganon, we're gonna need to get our hands on those weapons."

"I agree."

"He said they cost Guardian parts. There's a whole bunch here, so if we grab them now, we can head straight to Akkala after we meet with Impa."

"Sounds good. I'll head over there. We'll cover more ground if we split up," he says as he points in the direction of the stable.

"Right," you nod and turn to the closest decayed Guardian.

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