Open your eyes

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The sun is so bright. Was it always this bright?

The automatic doors of the shrine you woke from open before you to reveal blinding light of late day. You cover your eyes with the shadow of your arm, adjusting to the brightness.

A moment passes, and you're able to look around. You are shrouded in unfamiliar surroundings of woods. The trees, green with summer, cast shadows on the grass with patches of sun. Flowers that thrive in shade faintly glow an ominous light of magic.

'I'm in a forest?' you think silently. 'What am I doing here?'

You take a single step off the platform and feel the grass beneath your bare feet, which was warm with soaked sunlight. You take another step and completely separate yourself from the shrine you found yourself sleeping in. 

'Have things always been like this?' You wrack your brain for any past details but find everything blank.

You can't remember anything.

'What is going on...?'

A feeling of fear sweeps over you. You are alone in a place you knew nothing about. 

In front of you, you see a direct path downhill.

You follow the path, hoping to see signs of some sort of familiarity. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see a blue light following you. You turn to see what it was, but the owl-faced, horned rabbit ducts out of sight.

The path turns left to lead further downhill, but to your right, you can see something red in the distance between parted trees. You take the turn and are careful to not step on anything sharp or snag anything with your worn clothing.

You step out of the cover of the trees and see a swirling mass in the distance. You squint your eyes, having no idea what you are looking at. Through the dark aura, you can make out the shape of a castle.

"Remember..." a feminine, youthful voice echoes around you. You slightly jump and look around, almost turning a 360. Seeing no one who would have spoken to you, you turn back to the castle and are surprised to see a new light. A light of gold can be seen glowing near the top of the structure.

"Try to remember," the voice says. "You have been asleep for the past 100 years." The ground starts to rumble distantly as you stare at the castle. You see the swirling mass stir and the head of a monster surfaces. "The beast... when the beast regains its true power, the world will face its end."

The monster shrieks a tremendous roar with its mouth gaping wide. The gold light in the castle glows brighter, as if fighting against the horrid sound. "Now then," the voice continues, "you must hurry, (Y/N). Before it's too late. Head to the nearby town. There is someone awaiting your return there."

You take a breath and turn around to look at the dirt path you strayed away from. You begin heading back and peer over the rocky cliffs to see nearby roofs of buildings. Now that your attention is focused in that direction, you can hear distant music of flutes and small chatter.

'Who was that?' you think as you carefully walk down the steep path. 'Why am I able to hear her?'

You walk at a quicker pace to the town with questions in your head you wish to ask this person who awaits your arrival. 

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