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Nicolette's POV
I run swiftly on the forest floor. My heavy breathing was seen in the cool winter air. I felt the chill upon my skin as I kept running. I heard their paws on the ground. I heard their heaving breathing as they chased me.

I stopped running and watched them slowly. I examined their movements and lifted my hands at them. I mumbled a spell and they stopped moving. I heard their bones start to crack as I start to force them to shift back.

My eyes began to glow blue and they were fully shifted back on the ground. I heard them let out a growl.

"What the hell are you," the first one growled. I dropped my hands and let them free they ran at me trying to grab me. Take me. Test on me.

I grab both of their necks and slam them against two trees. They let out a gasp as they tried to take in air. I let my eyes glow orange as I push harder into the tree.

"I really hate to do this but I can't have anyone finding about me," I say. I drop one of them and break the first ones neck with my vampire strength and then swiftly break the other ones.

I let out a breath as both bodies fell limp to the ground. I always hated doing that but I can't let anyone find out about me. My power was drained and I felt worn out. My house was about a mile from here.

I felt my wolf begging to be released. It's been about a week since I last let her out so I gave in. I don't like letting her out and she knows that. I can easily hide her scent when I'm in my own body but when she shifts I can't use my powers.

It attracts other wolves to me. I'm not part of a pack but I was also not banished from a pack so I smell like a regular wolf. My demon is harder to hide. She's always out wanting fresh blood but I limit on blood bags.

My witch is evident but I can easily pass of as human. I let my wolf come forward and come out of the cage of flesh. She comes out happily and stretches. She rolls around a few times in the dirt and lets her fur get dirty.

"Let's get out of here before their pack comes looking for them," I told her. She quickly stood up and started sniffing.

She turned and started running west. She zipped through the trees. Enjoying the winter find flow through her fur. I could sense the snow coming soon. I need to get my herbs before they all freeze over.

My wolf enjoyed every bit of release she got. She never pulled out our demon for extra speed. She liked having her own power. Her own speed.  It's hard having a demon and a wolf. Always fighting or dominance.

I always keep them equal. Use the equal amount of power and strength. No one else is stronger than the other. I train with them equally. My powers on the other hand towers over them.

My strength with my powers are impeccable. I could be taken as a pure-blood witch. My mom trained me a lot before she passed. My dad helped me control my demon and wolf.

My wolf came up to a large opening and my wolf slowed down. I found my clothes easily behind a tree and shift back into my human form. I put on my clothes and walked through the invisibility border.

My small cottage came into view. My small garden was starting to freeze over. I said a quick spell and the frost on it started to become into small water droplets.

An intricate spell hides my home. I've stayed here for 500 years and no one has found it. I don't like to move. If someone walks into the pasture all they'll see is field of grass.

There is one werewolf pack near here but I stay clear from them. There are no vampire or witch covens near here. A few rouges pass by through here every once in awhile. Only I can pass through the barrier.

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