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Nicolette's POV
"So the only reason your actually here is because you don't want to lose your wolf?" He asks. I nod.

"Why you don't actually need your wolf? You're powerful enough," he said. My jaw dropped and I felt his wolf start to get angry. I felt his wolf. He was hurt. Malcom let out a grunt as his eyes flowed a bright golden.

His wolf felt like Malcom would let him be lost if he had to choose. If there was a situation where he could lose his wolf he would let it happen.

His wolf started to make Malcom forcefully shift. He let out a roar as his gray wolf started to tear through his body. There stood in front of me was a beautiful gray wolf. One that wasn't going to attack me. One that wasn't in control by Malcom. It was purely his wolf.

His golden eyes pierced into my eyes watching to see if I would take advantage of this moment and run.

I sat down to where I was eye level with his wolf and help my palm out. I watched his wolf come closer and sniff my hand, taking in the scent of my palm. I watched slowly lower his head into my palm and rub his fur against my hand.

"You're a softy aren't you?" I chuckled as I rubbed my hands through the fur on his neck. He gives me a wolf grin and backs away from my hands and lays down in my lap.

"He didn't mean to say that," I whispered to his wolf and stroked his fur. "He wouldn't know what to do if he woke up and he was missing you."

"I absolutely love my wolf and wouldn't let her just leave," I told him. "But let's let Malcom back or else he'll be more angry at you." He nodded and backed up getting ready to shift back but I stopped him.

"Wait can I leave first?" I ask him. He thinks for a second and he nods. "You are now my favorite wolf," I grin.

I go back to my room and open the bars back and jump through the already broken window. I swiftly land on my feet and I hear a roar come out of the house and I grin.

I decided to explore pack grounds, so I walked around for awhile. This pack was huge. The pack shop was at least a mile into the forest.

I noticed all the flowers that lined the buildings and I was shocked. We are in the middle of winter and the flowers are still alive and healthy.

My garden is alive because I put a spell on it to keep it alive but the only witch I know is on pack lands is Malcom's mother and she doesn't have her powers.

I kept walking while I stared at the flowers until something bumped into me. I let out a small squeak then I felt two strong grips on to my arms before I fell.

I look up and saw the Gamma Seth bumped into me. I picked myself up without saying a word and kept walking.

"What do you think you're doing?" He called out. I kept walking and he ran up next to me. "If I remember what Lucas told me, you were supposed to stay in Malcom's house."

"So that's Malcom's house," I mumble to myself. They're making me stay in Malcom's house.

"She speaks," he chuckles.

"No in just magically unable to speak after the first time you met me," I said sarcastically. Both him and Lucas have the same personality. Malcom was the stingy one.

"Why are you outside anyway?" He asks me. I shrug not taking my eyes off the flowers.

"You're Alpha said 'Why you don't actually need your wolf? You're powerful enough' and his wolf got pissed," I told him.

"Gods he so fucking stupid," he mumbles.

"His wolf forcefully shifted and stayed like that for a little bit but I think he's shifted back now," I told him he nodded. We kept walking until the strong scent of sweaty wolves hit my senses.

"He doesn't think before he speaks. He always ends up offending someone," Seth says. We turned a corner and a clearing in the woods was visible with a large ground of wolves standing.

"Welcome to the training grounds Nicole," he said. I wondered how he knew what to call me but I realized that Lucas probably told him.

I saw Lucas siting on a low hanging branch and lecturing the werewolves. He talked until he made eye contact with me and his voice trailed off. He quickly focused back on what he was doing so no one noticed he was staring at me.

"Alright split into to pairs and start doing some warmups," he finally finished. He jumped of the tree and made his way to us with a pissed off look on his face.

"Why the hell are you out of Malcom's house," he hisses at me. I roll my eyes and lean my back against the tree.

"If you must know all mighty and powerful Beta, your Alpha said 'Why you don't actually need your wolf? You're powerful enough' to me and his wolf forced him to shift therefore making me leave. I ran into buddy boy Seth," I said patting his chest.

"I want to train with them," I said. I watched them do pushups and warmups on the cold dirt and it looked fun.

"No I'm not training females today, only guards  in training today," he said. I shrugged.

"Too bad," I said. I took of my shift which left me in a sports bra and shorts. "I bet they could learn a few new things from me."

"Alright boys lets start training for today," I clapped and walked into the middle of the circle. "Today is going to be different."

I saw Lucas shake his head and Seth was laughing. I heard a few whispers from the guards.

"The concept is easy for today. All you have to do is get me off my feet and onto the ground," I said. I heard laughs and I smirked.

"But that's not challenge," I heard someone call out. The group burst out in laughter.

"Everyone back out of this area," I shouted out. They all listened and I signaled for the person who shouted that out to come to the middle.

"Alright wolf, lets see what you've got," I told him. I took my position and bent my knees a little and planted my feet into the ground. I held my fists up.

"Come on Beta Lucas. Can't I have a harder competitor?" He groaned.

"If you beat me, I'll let you choose who you get to battle," I said. His eyes lit up and he nodded. He took his position and his form was off. If I was in a more offensive stance, it would have been correct but he stood with his knees locked in place and his fists up.

"Go," I say. He charges at me and aims for my stomach. I jump over him and he stumbles forward and lands on his face. I bens down beside him quickly and twist his arm behind his back and hold his head down.

I waited a few seconds then he tapped out with his free hand. I jumped up and wiped my clothes off and chuckled.

"Lesson Number one never underestimate your opponent," I announced. The wolf let out a groan as he flipped over and sat up.

"What's your name wolf?" I ask him.

"Jackson," he said. He got up and wiped the dirt off of his clothes.

"I want you to figure out what you did wrong and I'll fight you again next week," I told him. He nodded and he went back into the crowd.

"Who's next," I smirk.
I'm sorry that this chapter took so long to come out. I was a bit busy this week.

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