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Nicolette's POV
Remembering what happened before all I could see was darkness. I've been sitting in the dark trying to come up with reasons on how I got here. I tried to reach through all my memories, trying to find out why the logo on that syringe looked so familiar.

You know how in movies a character is in the middle of telling a story and it flashbacks to that memory. Then, the person the character is talking to says something that is not what happened in the memory but what someone in real time actually said.

I was thinking of a memory with my mom then suddenly, her voice was replaced with a long ringing noise. I let out a gasp and my eyes opened to see a ceiling with cheap paneling and fluorescent lights.

My leg had waves of pain going through it and I felt like I was missing something. I move my head slightly to the right and see needles stuck in my body that led to machines.

I tried to reach for my wolf but she seemed weak. I lifted one of my hands, doing a simple spell, but nothing happened. I pulled up the blanket covering the leg that hurt.

The veins that led to the injection were inflamed and red. Whoever injected me with the needle, injected me with wolfsbane and witch hazel. I focused on my vampire hearing and heard some talking out in the hallway.

"Alpha a warrior brought a wolf in. Her leg is messed up badly," I heard a female's voice say. It was silent for a few seconds then she started talking again.

"I can't tell if she's one of us Alpha. She's not a rogue though," she said. I heard a lot of yes Alpha's then I heard her sigh and the knob of the door handle turn. I immediately laid on my side and did my best to pretend to be sleeping.

She said Alpha. I'm in a pack hospital.

I heard a few bags rustle  then, the door closed again. I focused my hearing again and heard talking.

"She's in this room Alpha. She was just sleeping but I heard some movements, so she might have woken up," the same lady said. I stare at the door and see her come in.

She's sees that I'm awake and sees that I'm awake. She lightly smiles at me and I start to try and sit up. I felt my wolf stir.

"I wouldn't try to move whatever you were injected with is still in your leg," she said. She stands in the back corner of the room and I felt his presence.

To come to think of it, I never left Malcom's pack grounds. I see him come into the room and I tear out the needles from my arm and stumble and try to get out of the bed.

"Doctor Lauren please leave," he said. She nodded and walked out and shut the door. I tried standing but my legs have way.

"Get away from me," I said. I felt my throat drying out and my head started to hurt.

"You're luck I still let you stay in here," he growled back at me. I heard him say some more but my head was ringing. I fell to my knees and held my head.

I started coughing and held my stomach. I felt something in my throat that spilled out onto the floor. It was blood. I was having blood withdrawals.

"I need a blood bag," I choked out my words out. I felt my throat closing and my desire for blood become stronger. All the veins on Malcom's body looked appetizing but I needed to control myself.

"We don't have blood bags here on this level," he said talking in the fact that I need blood. I cough up more blood onto the ground. I was to weak to go hunting right now.

"Here," he said holding his arm out. My eyes widened as he held it in front of me but I shook my head.

"I can't drink blood from you," I said backing up. The veins to my eyes turned black and my vision became red. I felt my fangs start to grow as he took a knife and sliced his arm open. The blood dipped of his arm and onto the floor.

"You're going to hurt yourself if you keep forcing yourself not to drink blood," he said trying to come closer to me.

"She won't let me," I whisper. My desire for blood became stronger as I looked at the blood.

"Your wolf?" He asks. I nod and he sighs looking around the room. He took a cup and poured his blood in it until his wound closed up.

"Here," he said handing it to me. I cautiously take it and drink it. My desire for blood went down and my eyes went back to normal. He said nothing and walked out of the room.

"Don't worry about the blood on the floor. Treat her. Let her stay till she's well then let her leave," he told the doctor and left. The inflammation on my leg had gone down but it was still there.

The doctor walked back in as I was lifting myself onto the bed. She stared at the ground full of blood then looked at me.

"I'm just going to let you rest and see if the substance in your leg passes. Press that button right there if you need my help," she pointed. I nodded and look outside the window and see Malcom walking out of the pack hospital.

"I have a question," I stated as she took a mop from the small closet in this room. "What part of this pack hospital am I in right now?"

"You're in the royalty ward. Where the royalties come when injured," she said mopping up the blood.

"Why am I in the royalty section?" I ask. If I had all my strength, I would leave. I wouldn't make it back. Whatever is out there that shot me could beat me. I'm weak right now.

"Alpha requested it," she simply said. "If you need anything else let me know." Then she walked out.
Ik it a bit short but I wanted to get a chapter out
Xoxo Emma

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