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Third Person POV
Malcom's eyes widened when he realized what Nicolette did. There was no more energy, no more will to fight. That was her last goodbye, saving Malcom. Denali wanted to make Malcom watch her kill Nicolette. Nicolette wouldn't let that happen.

Denali walked out of the shadows and swung her hand through the air. Malcom stopped moving backwards and stood in place. Nicolette looked up and let out a sob.

"Let him go," she cried. "Kill me, torture me. Do whatever you want. Just don't make him watch." Denali laughed and grabbed a chair from the corner of the room. Malcom didn't move, he didn't even blink. He was under her control again.

"All those small moments he holds onto are peaceful. When I fully take control of him, he can remember how I killed you," she glared. Nicolette's face was filled with tears as she tried to push out more power. She thrashed against the chains, trying to break free.

Denali made a fist and Nicolette's airway closed off. She chocked and clawed at her throat but there was nothing there for her to grab.

Nicolette wolf whined as she felt her life slipping away from her. Her vision became blurry and she was staring to slip in and out of consciousness.

She felt the wall breaking again. Nicolette tried to reach Malcom but she couldn't find his wolf. He was trapped inside his own head. Even his own mate couldn't find him.

Malcom watched her silently while in the back of his mind, he was crying for her. Usually, he couldn't see the torment he did to Nicolette but now, he saw everything.

He watched the pain on her face as his mother drained the life out of her. He watched her clawing at her throat but grabbing nothing. He watched her desperately trying to save her own life. He watched the life drain out of her eyes when she finally fell limp. He watched his mother drop her hand.

Denali left Nicolette barely breathing before she walked out of the basement and placed a seal on the door. Malcom was let out his mind chamber and he rushed to Nicolette.

Her demon and wolf pushed out as much energy as they could to keep her conscious. As Nicolette tries to lift her head, Malcom caught a glimpse of her orange eyes. There was nothing left to keep her awake except their power.

"Leave," Nicolette croaked. Malcom knelt down next to her and wiped her tears off her face. He shook his head and tried to break the chains off the wall again. Malcom got up to break down the flimsy wooden door but Nicolette quickly stoped him. "She put a seal on it. You won't be able to break through it."

"Nicolette you cannot die," Malcom ordered. Nicolette let out a weak laugh. His alpha orders were nothing to her. She was just glad that she could but up a wall between their pain. If she didn't, he would be in so much pain.

"Malcom, I saw it. She's going to kill me. That day, I saw was this night. She will take my power and I can't see beyond that," Nicolette kept going. "She's going to let me rest for now. She is going to want me to be at my full power when she takes it. When she lets me go, you have to let me take the rest of black magic away from you."

Denali could still control Malcom. There must be something that she left in his head. Nicolette needed to free him.

"Nicolette, you will not die. You're going to survive you can kill her. S-she manipulated me. When we get out of here, I'll treat you the way you were supposed to be. I'll never make you cry and I promise I'll make you the most happiest Queen Luna," Malcom kept talking. He talked so that Nicolette wouldn't fall asleep, so that she could continue to listen to his voice.

Nicolette sobbed because she knew that they could've had a great life. All those horrible things faded away as he talked. Malcom was powerful but there was no way he could beat the power of his mother's magic.

The Tribrid and the wolf. That was how it was going to end. Their epic love story would never happen because of her fate. Nicolette wanted to believe there was several roads to fate.

She wished that fate was like when you're standing at a forked road, there's two ways that your life could turn out like. Fate seemed to hate Nicolette.

"I love you," Nicolette whispered to Malcom's before her demon and wolf could no longer push out energy. Malcom saw her go limp as she fainted.

Malcom had fought countless enemies that threatened his pack but he never thought that his mother would become an enemy to the pack.

"Lucas," Malcom linked to him.

"You find her?" Lucas responded almost immediately.

"Send everyone to my mom's house. S-she's the one that's been after Nicolette. Don't hold back if you see her," Malcom said. It hurt him to say that but his mom would no longer hurt anyone in his pack.

"I love you too, Nicolette," he whispered to her. "When we get out of here, you won't be alone ever again. You won't have to spend your life blaming yourself for your parent's death. You will be allowed to distract yourself from that part of your life. You can roam through my lands for miles and I will join you. I'll love you for the rest of my life and we could have a beautiful life together. We can watch our pack flourish and grow. We can raise our children together and watch them as they take over the pack. I'll go with you wherever you decided that you want to go. I would go to moon and back if you would forgive me for all of the terrible things that I did to you. It's all my mother's fault but I want your forgiveness. I should've known better. You are no monster, in my eyes, you are my world. I was barely aware when I met you but you should've known that the second I met you. The only thing I wanted was a mate and you are the best mate I could ever ask for. Whoever despises you because you're a Tribrid will have to go through my pack. Nothing will ever hurt you again because I have hurt you enough. When we get out of here, I will love you with all my heart and I will never stop."
Not gonna lie, I cried writing the last part. I hope that y'all liked this part. Forgive me for not posting as often like I said I would 😓.

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