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⚠️This chapter has sensitive topics⚠️
Nicolette's POV
The royals aren't like other stories where they live in riches and have everything handed to them on a silver platter. I've seen how hard they've worked when I watch Lucas and Seth.

It's been two days since I fought Lucas and nothing much has changed. I decided not to go to the ball. I was mentally and physically drained from the day.

Malcom hasn't said a single word to me at all or even spare a glance. I hear the doors slam late in the night which wakes me up. Then, he leaves early in the morning before I wake up. Anything to avoid me.

I ended up getting bored after sitting in the house doing nothing. So, Lucas let me watch him work.

I've watch Lucas and Seth and figured their personality out.

Seth only knows how to have fun. I haven't seen one moment he has been serious. He's always laughing and joking around.

Lucas knows how to have fun when it's the time. If there is work to be done, then it's time to be serious. Once his focus is on something literally nothing can break his concentration.

I watch from Lucas' couch. He was writing on a stack of papers one by one. My stomach growled from not eating anything this morning. I couldn't remember if I had drank a blood bag today.

Malcom's scent was always in this room. His office was parallel to Lucas' so I could always smell him.

I groan as I stand up and leave Lucas' office and walk straight into Seth's office. He was spinning in his chair with a stress ball in hand.

"Lucas is only making bored and hungry," I sigh as I slump down onto the couch in his room. He laughs and stops spinning in his chair.

"That's his common effect on people," he laughs. "And he wonders why he doesn't have a mate." I roll my eyes and smile.

"You said you were hungry?" He asked me. I nodded and he stood up and started taking his suit off.

"Um Seth?" I question him. He looked at me acknowledging me calling for him. "I don't think you should be stripping right now."

"You said you were hungry. So let's go for a run," he said. My wolf immediately started jumping in my head.

"Alright," I shrug. He leads me to the front door and shifts into his brown wolf. I don't remember if I've seen his wolf before.

My wolf keeps pestering me to shift and I finally give in. She shifted and stretched in the cool air. It wasn't too cold today. It was more of a light breeze.

His wolf grinned then took off into the forest. I shook my head and ran with him. I caught up with him easily. The satisfying crunch of leaves wasn't there because of the snow yesterday causing the leaves to soak up the moisture.

I tried to catch the scent of any prey as Seth's wolf took off in his own way finding his own prey. I finally caught on a scent and instantly and went after it.

The sweet scent of fresh deer was carried by the cool breeze of the winter morning. I saw maybe three deer trotting around the large trees.

I bent down low getting ready to pounce. I saw the deer turn it's head and I pounced. I aimed for its neck and bit down.

I didn't bite into its neck. I flew right threw the deer and into the tree. The deer flickered and then disappeared.

"Simple trick but I worked," a man said walking out of the trees.

"Hello Nicolette," he smiled and held up a needle and stuck into my neck.

Third Person POV
Malcom slapped his neck. There was a bug like sting and then he went back to his work immediately.

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