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Nicolette's POV
"Y-you taught my mom?" I start to stutter. She would never tell me who taught her and I never knew the reason why.

"She never told you?" She questions. "Huh, anyway yes I did teach your mom. I was never part of a coven and I stumbled across your mom when she was still learning how to control her powers. Everyday I would find her in the woods and I would teach her something new about magic."

"So what about the spells. That book that she has filled with nothing but spells. You taught her all of them?" I ask her. The book of spells I've kept since my mom died. Were they all Denali's spells.

"Oh no," she laughs. "She found and made all of those herself. I guess that's means I didn't teach her everything she knows. She spent a lot of time finding and making those spells."

"Did you um know when I was born?" I asked her. She shakes her head and leans back in her chair. I felt uncomfortable siting next to her while she told me about my mom. What if she was lying to me? What if she's not Malcom's mom, but my wolf felt comfortable around here. She had a strong aura around her. She felt like a powerful woman.

"I didn't know when you were born. I didn't even know she had a child until after she passed. After she met your father, she went radio silent. I tried to reach her but she was always hidden, and I now know why. She had you. She wanted to keep you a secret. The world's only tribrid," she says. I choke on my spit and almost fall out of my chair.

"It's okay its okay," she said quickly. "I wont tell anyone. I swear I'm not dangerous."

"How can I trust you?" I ask her getting out of the chair and backing away. I felt unsafe. She knew what I was. She could easily know all my weaknesses and all the ways she could hurt me. She slowly stands up with her hands up. I backed away more as she started to lift her sleeve up. There was a thin, bright red, line around her wrist, a blood oath.

"Your mother and I made a blood oath a very long time ago. We told each other a lot of things that should never be heard by someone else. We took a blood oath to swear not to repeat whatever we told each other. Since you are her child, I cant tell anyone about you. I lost my magic years ago. I can't do anything to hurt you," she said. It made me feel easier being around her but I still don't completely trust her.

In the distance, I heard a soft panting in the distance. Paws hitting the forest floor heavily. My wolf felt drawn to whoever was coming. Him, Malcom.

"Someone is coming," I said quickly as I still stayed listening to the panting.

"Who?" She asks. She's not a wolf she cant hear these things.

"Malcom he's coming," I said quickly. I heard him slow down and come to a stop at the house. I heard cracking of bones and shifting of clothes.

"I cant be here. I need to leave," I said quickly. I heard the front knob shift and I start to panic

"Go into the kitchen and do your best to hide your wolf's desire for him," she said. As I quickly made my way to the kitchen, my face flushed. My wolf may desire him but I sure as hell don't desire him.

"Hey mom," I heard him say. I stood behind the wall and tried to control my breathing. My wolf pined for his. She tried to call out to him and I tried to control her but it failed.

"Someone's here," he growled. I let out a curse as I heard his footsteps come down the hallway. I heard Denali try not stop him but he just kept coming.

"What the hell are you doing here," he growled, grabbing me by my neck and holding me up against the wall. I chocked for air, panicking while the sparks tickle my skin.

"Malcom put her down," Denali yelled at him. He ignored her and kept a tight grip on my throat. My wolf started to get angry as he grabbed my hands with his other hand to stop me from using magic.

"Let me go," I choke out. I tried to move my hands, but he slammed my hands into the wand. My wolf starts to growl and I brought both my wolf and demon out. The veins leading to my eyes went black and my canines grew.

"I said let me go," I roared. I broke my hands out of his grip and knocked him back saying a quick spell. His back hit the counter and he let out a growl.

"You piece of shit," he growled. He lifted himself of the counter and lunges at me. I let out a growl and grabbed his arms and pushed him back.

"I can beat you in any form so I would watch how you attack me," I growled. I fling his hands down and start running towards the door. I jump off the porch and shift into my wolf.

I look back at the front door and saw him shifting into his wolf.

"Stand still," I told my wolf. His wolf kept running at me and my wolf started a low growl. She bent down, getting ready for the impact, but it never came.

His eyes glowed a bright yellow that stood out in his brown wolf. His wolf had full control.

My theory was correct. His wolf couldn't physically hurt mine. I let out a threatening growl as I back away. I sniff out clothes and come up from behind the trees.

"Denali thank you for having me and cleaning up information about my mom but I think this my cue to leave," I tell her. She nods, understanding why I need to leave.

As I turned around, I heard more panting and more footsteps hitting the cold forest floor. I turned around and growled at his wolf.

"It was stupid to call your guards on me. I can singlehandedly take you down, you are the Alpha King, aren't you impossible to defeat. What's a few guards trained for a few hours a day," I shrug. His wolfy smile faded and I saw them come out from the edge of the forest.

"You don't think their wolf's instinct to protect their future Luna won't kick in? They won't attack me. Doesn't mean you don't want me, it's natural for a wolf to protect their Luna. Until you reject me, they'll protect me," I start. "And we both know your too scared to reject me."

He let out a growl at my last statement, but I just simply shrug. I turn around and see them. They bowed down for me. I was stunned. I hated the attention. All these people could find out what I am. A monster.

I start to panic and instantly break out into a sprint. I run using my vampire speed. I jump into the trees blending in with the falling brown leaves.

A piercing pain shot through my leg. I let out a yelp and trip on a branch. I fell hitting my back on a lot of the branches until I hit my back on the ground.

I look down at my leg and saw a syringe. I take it out of my leg and see a logo on it. It was so familiar but so unfamiliar. That was the last thing I thought about till I blacked out.
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