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Nicolette's POV
I hold my hand against the wall as I push myself up, with my head still spinning. Lucas put out his hands just incase I tumbled over. These people, I could help all of them of I just gathered enough strength.

"I can help all of them," I rasp. I saw the man move his wrist without and emotion of pain or discomfort. I lifted my hand off of the wall and almost fall back to the ground.

"That looked harsh Nicole, I think you should go back and rest. Malcom, Seth, and I will take care of the 30th just please don't exhaust yourself. You can come back another day when you're ready," he tried to convince as I regain the little balance I had.

"Thank you," he breathed. The man that was healed was smiling from ear to ear. The smile that made me want to keep doing it for every wolf in here. Make my life useful before the unimaginable happens.

"She'll come back for the rest of you all, for now let her rest," Malcom announced. He throws my arm over his shoulder and clung in to my back to make sure I didn't fall.

Black magic was always a topic my mom told me to stay away from. She taught me how to overcome it if I ever encountered it but I never practice on real dark magic. It was exhausting. It was like a spirit had taken over my body before it escaped from my body.

Lucas practically dragged me back to the room. He swung the room door open and I saw Malcom standing there, waiting.

"What the hell did you do to her," he growled. Lucas rolls his eyes and leads me to the bed and helps me climb in.

Lucas' POV
"She found a way," I told him after stepping outside of Nicolette's room. He still had fury glowing in his eyes at the sight of Nicole being so drained.

"Found a way for what?" He demanded.

"She found away to heal the royal guards," I informed. The fury in his eyes drained and he didn't look as mad as he did when Nicole first walked in.

"What?" He questions me. "Damn it I should have put her guards back."

"You treat her like she is about to break into a million pieces whenever she's drained. Witches have more years of experience than her she's still learning. She's not a baby that needs to be watched twenty four seven," I spat.

He treated her so badly when he first found her. If she were my mate, I wouldn't hesitate to make her mine. Instead, he pushed her away and yet she still wants him. Imagine having a perfect mate like that. No matter how much he hurt her, she still wanted to make things work. She's so god damned perfect and yet he still doesn't see it. I wanted her. He didn't want her so I want her.

"I just want to make sure she's safe," he fought. I rolled my eyes shook my head.

"Yeah because cheating on your mate is wanting to make sure she's safe," I scoff. He let out a threatening growl. "Whatever man, someone is trying to kill her in a week. Figure it out."

He let out a growl and stormed out of his house. I heard the door open so softly that I almost didn't catch it.

"Do you really want me as your mate?" Her voice echoed through the silence. My heart rate picked up as I turn around quickly and faced her tired face. "I-I'm sorry I just heard your thoughts by accident I-I really have no control about it." Her face became red and I could tell she was embarrassed from asking.

"Yes, because what Malcom did to you was terrible and whether your his mate or not he shouldn't do that to anybody because that's a dick move to do. Nicole I swear I would treat you better than him," I confess. Her eyes soften as she slowly walks over to me.

"Lucas you have a mate out there somewhere," she says softly. She doesn't know. Malcom never told her, but neither did I. I shook my head.

"I don't Nicole," I say. "She died a few years ago in the large vampire versus werewolf war." It was something I never liked to tell.

"What?" She breathes. I felt the sorrow build up in me. I felt it clawing to be let out after all these years. I was never weak because it was Malcom's turn to be weak after what his father did to his mom. I had to be strong for him.

"S-she was a vampire, forced to be the Demon King's Queen. I saw her grasping onto his hand so tightly at the sight of all of the blood that had been spilt. She had so much innocence in her face," I start to tell the story. The tears border my eyes but I refused to let them out.

"She looked scared of him. I could see her trembling from across the field. I ran to her and didn't stop. Seth tried to come for me but they pinned me down and dragged me the rest of the way," I recalled.

"What do we have here?" He boomed. His voice full of authority. She trembled with fear as I looked at her. She looked down at me and when our eyes met I knew she was the one.

"The royal Beta, sir," the demon responded.

"Mate," she whispers every so softly. The Demon King bellowed as he tossed her to the ground. It was the first words I ever heard from her. Her voice was like a song that wouldn't get out of my head. So timid and shy.

"I don't really need her anyways. I would let you choose who dies here but I think I've already decided," he laughs. He lifts his sword and I close my eyes, ready for the pain, but it never came.

I opened my eyes and gasped at the sight of my mate's head on the ground, with her blood splattered on the ground.

"You bastard," I roar.

Nicole held her hand over her mouth as I finish telling her the story of my mate. I wipe a stray tear off of my face and look at her.

Nicolette's POV
"You can cry," I said turning around and facing the other direction. "I won't watch." I use a spell and hid my body from him. I turned around and saw him bend down into a squat and started crying. I said I wouldn't watch, but he needs someone.

"I shouldn't have ran for her," he cried out. "I should have gotten her out and thought about it. I'm some damned impulsive." I watched the tears roll down his face and onto the ground.

I knee down in front of him, him still unable to see me. I took of the spell and wrapped my arms around his neck. He didn't question and wrapped his arms around my torso.

"One word. I heard one word from her before she died. That one word got her killed," he cried. I felt his tears soak into the back of my shirt as he grasps the loose fabric around my waist.

"You would have been a wonderful mate to her," I whisper to him. "Without a doubt."
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