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So um if you read this before I made this update, the name I meant to put as beta was Lucas and my dumbass wrote Logan so um please forgive me
Nicolette's POV
I woke up again. I hate this. Waking up repeatedly after being thrown into the darkness. It was the same room. The same bedroom with the bars blocking the windows. This time, the bars were bent back and they were thicker.

I played with some simple spells and realized I had my powers back. I sat up with a smile and pointed my hands at the bars.

"Incivin-va-mu," I whispered. The bars started to pull apart. I heard a cough behind me and I let out a scream and fell of the side of the bed, pulling the sheets down with me.

I stood up quickly, recollecting myself, and lifted my hands ready to say about her spell.

"Woah," Lucas said lifting his hands and standing up quickly. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." I let out a sigh and put my hands down and lug the sheets back onto the bed.

"Great now I have a guard dog. Just let me go back. I'm so tired and I have things to take care of. The blood in—" he quickly ran over and covered my mouth with his hand. I licked his hand and he pulled his hand back.

"Ew what the fuck," he grumbled and wiped his hand quickly on his shirt.

"What the hell was the point of covering my mouth," I yell at him. He quickly shushes me and I roll my eyes. I look down and saw that my clothes had changed. "An omega changed you. The shirt and sweatpants are Malcom's." I let out a groan in my head.

"Well Mr 'King Beta'," I said with quotation marks. "Since this whole house is reeks of Malcom, I'm going to assume the only people here right now is you and I. It's sunny outside so Malcom would be working and Alpha's like their privacy so he probably doesn't have anyone in here right now. Also, any logical Alpha would have their walls soundproofed. So unless Malcom would want a chance of anyone yearning him have sex with a random she-wolf, I'm going to guess that these walls are soundproofed. Therefore, no one would hear me," I said. His eyes widened and he pouted.

"Well I guess you should have my job," he said with a smile. I couldn't email back. I was tired despite the amount of times I've been thrown into darkness. I'm drained in every aspect of my body and I just want to go.

"Do you actually have something to ask me or are can I go back home now?" I ask him. He let out a sigh and put on a serious face.

"Stay for a month," he quickly said. I swear my jaw has never dropped faster in that moment. My eyes widened and I thought he  was on drinks somehow.

"Are you actually crazy. You want me to stay here and deal with seeing him with someone that's not his mate. I've been trying so hard for it not to affect me but I haven't heard from my wolf since before I fought with Malcom. I find that to be an issue. I don't think she  can handle anymore, I don't think I can handle it anymore," I said.

"Fine. The second he messes up you can leave. If you wake up in the hospital by his doing you can leave," he said.

"And why are you ordering me around. I don't take orders from Malcom much less you," I said. "I belong to no pack. I'm uncontrollable. If I go on a rampage nothing can stop me," I told him.

"The last time the Tribrid went crazy was when her family died. Stories go around you Nicole," he said. My mind flashes back to that memory. I killed so many that day and still kept my identity.

"What's in it for me. I don't see any possible way that I could win. If I reject him, he has to accept it for it to work. I would feel the pain of it."

"If it works out you get your happily ever after. If it doesn't, you reject him then he'll accept," he said.

"Give me one reason I should accept your all mighty offer," I said. I plopped back down on the very comfortable bed.

"Your family passed you have one known friend. You could have a family of your own here," he said.

"Why would I want to have a family with him?" I question him.

"Because he's your mate and if y'all can actually work this out, you could be happy," he said.

"What makes you think I'm not happy?"

"Because when was the last time you had this long of a conversation with a wolf. I just need a yes or no Nicole," he said.

"Fine," I simply said. The most I could lose is my sanity but I wouldn't die. My wolf ears perked up at the though of a family.

"Som-neu-ke," I muttered a spell. A glass bottle flew into my palm and i let my claws out. I slashed my palm and dropped my blood into the small vile.

"The second our deal is off, my blood will dry up and I'll leave. Until then, I won't leave this pack grounds. You have my word and blood," I said. He nods and thanks me.

"Don't leave this building but you can explore this building. There's food in the kitchen and there's a library in the hallway next to this one," he said. "I have things to do but if you need help that phone speed dials to Malcom, Seth, and I." I nod and he takes his leave.

What the hell did I just get myself into?
So this is like 600 words shorter than I wanted this to be and I'm rlly sorry but I wanted this to end right here.

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I'm sorry for the very short chapter

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