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Nicolette's POV
Beck let out a snarl and lifted his hand to punch my couch as I lifted my shirt up to show bruises lining my abdomen. I quickly caught his hand and rolled my eyes.

"You're going to tear a hole into my couch if you keep punching it," I say calmly. He scowled at me and sat back down.

"How are you so calm. If he keeps doing this shit it'll get worse," he snarls. The bruises on my abdomen were tender and I winced as I rubbed my finger over them.

"Because I can't control what he does, it won't kill me because I'm basically almost indestructible and him having sex with a she-wolf isn't on the list of things that could kill me.

"Bull crap Nicolette. I have never seen you wince from a bruise. But look they're all over your stomach," he points out. I sigh and pull my shirt back down as he runs his hand through his hair.

"What the he'll are we gonna do Nicolette?" He asks me. I let out a scoff and push myself of the couch and pick up the spilt blood packet off my carpet.

"You are not going to do anything to try and stop this. I'll handle it," I mumble. I bring a small cup to the blood stain on the carpet and hold my hands right above it. I said a quick chant a the blood peeled itself off the carpet and into a ball in front of my hands. I bring the blood to the cup and closed my hands to break the spell.

The blood fell into the cup and I picked it up and dumped it out in the sink and washed the cup.

"You're heat will be coming soon," he realizes. My hands freeze and I let out a curse. I forgot to think about that. Once I meet my mate my heat starts to come regularly.

"So you can't keep going through this because without your mate to help you get through your heats or you will eventually die," he said. I let out another chuckle that made my stomach hurt.

"I won't die it'll just get more painful," I sigh. Basically the only thing that can kill me is a wooden stakes and through the heart, my head decapitated. And a very strong mixture of vervain, wolfsbane, and witch hazel.

"When my heat starts you need to leave. I'll come find you when it's over if you'd like but I don't know if you can handle the extent of my heat," I start to explain.

"I can handle it also I have a mate so it won't affect me as much," he said trying to make excuses to stay. I put the cup in the drying rack and sit back down.

"You do know that vampires and werewolves both have heat. That makes it twice as hard to resist. I'll be fine but I need you to leave," I tell him.

"And what if I don't leave?" He asks. I roll my eyes and swing my feet onto the couch.

"I'll forcefully make you leave," I said leaning back into the arm rest. He sighs and shook his head.

"You're going to fell awful if your heat starts now. You already have bruises all over you stomach your heat will make it worse," he says.

"Why can't you just listen to me," I said getting up off the couch again. I felt my wolf start to stir.

"Heat is coming soon. You need to get him to leave," she said. My eyes widened but I easily hid my shook.

"Um Beck I'm kinda running out of blood bags can you go to the town hospital and grab some more for me?" I ask him. I was trying to get him to leave so I could lock him out of my place.

"I'm going to stay here and watch over you," he huffs. I let out a groan and grabbed my bag.

"Then I'm going to go myself and the last time I checked there a pack of werewolves living near there so if my heat starts it's not my fault," I said reaching for my door handle.

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