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Malcom's POV
"What?" I yell. "And you didn't tell me?" I scooted back from her and look at her.

"Well yeah I was busy trying to save my best friend's little brother from your games," she said rolling her eyes.

"When?" I interrogate her. She sighs and holds her hand out with her palm out. A small black cloud burst from her hand. It swirled in her hand an image showed up in it.

"I think it's better if you see it," she said. She placed her hand on my temple and she disappeared. Instead I was in a closet. Nicolette's closet.

I saw everything from her eyes. I could feel everything she felt. The exhaustion from using her powers. Her fear. I could fell the trembling in her body. Everything faded to black as he disappeared and then she appeared again.

"I'm scared," she said. I saw the tears slowly forming in her eyes. "I'm scared about everything. Gods I'm such a baby." She chuckles a little trying to put on a facade, trying to make herself feel better.

"It's okay to be scared," I said. I wiped the tears off her face and planted my lips on her forehead. She grabbed onto my arms that held to her head and hung on them but didn't pull them away.

"I'm supposed to be the fearless Queen Luna you expect me to be. This doesn't seem like I'm fearless," she said. I tucked her hair behind her ear and she stared up at me.

"I don't have any expectations for you Nicolette. I know you're going to do great," I smile at her. She let out a scoff and shake her head.

"Well surely you had a list before I showed up," she said. I did, she was right. A Luna who was focused, hardworking, fearless but I took that list and threw it in the trash can. "You are perfect Nicolette. Forget the damn list I made because it's gone now because all I need in a Luna is right in front of me."

She smiled slightly and nodded, "Are you sure because you can choose a dif-." I grabbed her head and kissed her. She gasped but kissed back. She ran her hands through my hair as the sparks were stronger than ever.

I let out a groan as she tugged on the roots of my hair. I move my hands to her waist and slightly hold her against me. She let a moan escape as I graze her lips with my tongue.

"Malcom," she groaned. I pulled away and she let out a small but noticeable whimper. Our foreheads lean on each other and we both we're panting.

"I will never chose someone over my mate," I told her. She nodded and there was a cough behind us. I turned around and saw Lucas. Nicolette's face turned red at the sight of him.

"They're wondering when training will be," He said. Shit I forgot I was supposed to start training.

"Can I help train?" Nicolette asks me. She looked at me with pleading eyes. I let out a sigh and nod.

"You can lead it today," I told her. She beamed and nodded. She was already in shorts and she started to take her shirt off because she was already wearing a sports bra. I held the hem of her shirt down and shook my head.

"Leave your shirt on you'll catch a cold," I said. The truth was that I didn't want all of those wolves staring at her perfect body only meant for me.

"There's not even a breeze Malcom. You're being dramatic. Also, I can't get sick," she points out. She takes her shirt off and claps, "Lucas you can send them out." He nods and all of the wolves came out. They all pilled into the training ground and waited for orders.

"Alright, hello I'm Nicole. I don't think I've trained you all before so nice to meet you," she smiles. They don't know she's going to be Luna. No one does. Only the people I sent to watch over her room.

A chorus of greetings filled the air and she smiled. She smiled with so much happiness but she wasn't happy. She's just hiding it.

"What do all of you all do for warm ups?" She asks them. One male in the back raises his hand and she points to him.

"We run around the pack borders twice," he said from the back. She nods and thinks for a few seconds. She tied her hair back and pushed her baby hairs out of her face.

"Fine I'll be nice," she grinned. "I'll just make it one round today but you have to work extra hard afterwards. They all nodded and she took off.

Nicolette's POV
I didn't know how they'd react to me being their trainer for today but I'd just hope that the other group spoke only good things about me.

I took off without any warning to the edge of the pack woods so I could start making the rounds. I heard their footsteps from behind me as I began to reach the border. I stop as I reach it and I try to reach my hand over it.

A wave rippled from where I was blocked from the outside world, still trapped in here. If something were terrible to happen, I wouldn't be able to escape.

I tried not to think too much about it as I started to run along the border, the males still behind me. I stay away from the border so i don't bump into it.

I underestimated how long this pack border is considering this is royalty's land, of course the border was huge.

I debated whether I should shift into my wolf and let her go on a run since it's been awhile since she ran for fun but I decided against it and told her I would let her hunt another day. 

She was in a better mood than she was at the beginning of our stay here. She was livelier and happier. She was happy here and would hate me if I left after a month has passed.

We finished the round and I wiped the sweat off my face. My breathing was heavy as the winter air cooled my already cold body down. The guards were sweating and started to take their shirts off and throwing them onto the side.

"What were you going to teach today?" I asked Malcom through the link I put myself in to. I see him in the back of the crowd, overlooking the training.

"It doesn't matter as long as they learn something," he replied. I nodded and I quickly think of what I was going to do. These were already trained guards coming back for their regular training.

Let's see how well Malcom trained them.
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