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Nicolette's POV
"Hi I'm Nicole," I greet them. They smile lightly and nod.

"Luna," they say simultaneously. I let out a nervous chuckle and shake my head. I felt uncomfortable that they called me Luna. It makes me feel more important than I actually am.

"You can just call me Nicole," I said. They nod and I see another wolf standing on the side. His power seemed weaker. Probably a omega.

"Who's he?" I ask Malcom.

"This is Elijah. He's going to be here every day except Sunday to watch over you and care for your needs while I'm working," he explains. I roll my eyes and groan.

"I'm not helpless Malcom," I state. I hated being treated like I'm some fragile little girl. I may look like I'm 24 but I'm 683 and about to be 684 in 11 days.

"Yes but you like to get yourself in danger," he points out. I let out a sigh and rub my temples as I process what he just did.

"I'm not happy with this. It's like a total invasion of privacy," I complain. "What do you know about me?"

"You're a tribrid," one of the guards say. My eyes widened and I let out a low growl at Malcom. I walk over to him and grab him by his arm and drag him further down the hallway.


"Do you have any idea what you have just done? You have put everything I've worked for in danger. All those years I've kept that secret and now your just telling it to people you think you can trust? I've killed all of them. All of the people that have known. All the people that started hunting me the second they found out," I ask him.

"I trust them," he simply said.

"But I don't. I don't want to be treated like I'm going to be ambushed every two seconds. I'm not helpless. I can take care of myself," I stressed.

"Well after yesterday I don't know how capable you are at not getting yourself killed," he argued back.

"Let them kill me," I yell. "What is there for me to live for?"

"Me Nicolette, me," he yelled back at me. "Live for me for this pack. You are the future Queen Luna. You, not anybody else. There's no one else that I would rather have as Queen Luna than you. I've realized the mistakes I made first meeting you and I'm sorry I'm so sorry but your life is important to me."

"I hate it," I scream back. "I hate it like I'm treated like some baby that needs to be watched twenty four seven. My parents did it and now it's my mate. Always being watched. Always have to be careful. I hate it, I rather die." He takes a few steps back like I had told him I was pregnant.

"How can you say that?" He asks barely above a whisper.

"My parents died because I ran, you said it yourself. I was meant to die," I pointed out.

"Y-you know I didn't mean that. I was angry," he said trying to come up with excuses for why he said those words.

"But it was somewhere in you. You must've been thinking about it for you to say it. Those words didn't come out of nowhere for you to just yell it at me, so Malcom why did you say that to me?" I asked. I felt it. I felt my eyes starting to water. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. I nodded and took the spell off and went to the kitchen.

I knew the pack chef was here. I could smell the wonderful food he's made sitting there, getting cold.

"Thank you chef it smells great," I said grabbing the plate off door and utensils. "I would really love to sit out here and eat but I have other things to attend to." He nods and I take the plate off food into my room. I see Malcom coming in after me but flung my hand into the sky and silver bars form in front of all of the exits.

"When you can come up with a response to my question then come back but until then don't bother," I said. The door flew shut and locked and I placed the plate of food on the table.

All our conversations turn into fights. I heard him order something then storm away. I heard the front door slam and I took the silver bars away. I opened the door and saw the three wolves still there.

"Can you all just stand here in a line please?" I ask them. As they got in a line, I said a spell and they looked dazed. "You won't remember anything about me or my relationship with the Alpha. You won't remember being at the Alpha's house today and you will go back to whatever you were doing before sent here."

They snapped out of their daze and walked straight out of his house. Their memories formed into a small glass ball in my palm. I saw flashes of Lucas and Malcom.

The memory spell was my least favorite spell. It worked fine but if this glass ball ever broke, they would get their memories back. I have a small case of glass balls in my house protecting my secret.

I hated killing almost everyone that found out and I would do the memory spell more often but I usually couldn't get the people trying to kill me to stay still long enough.

I go into the closet and carefully hide the glass ball between clothes. I walk out and a blade whizzed past my face so close I could watch my eyes turn red.

I let out a snarl as the murderer grinned from the corner of the room. I heard the blade stick into the door as he threw another one. I grabbed it from the air and flung it back at him. He dodged it quickly and smiled with amusement.

"I haven't formally introduced self have I? Well Nicolette, my name is Henry," he bows. I roll my eyes and let out another snarl.

"You can take you introduction and shove it up your ass. I don't care what your name is but you're going to find that you shouldn't have messed with me," I chuckle. "Let's find out what you are."

I held my hands up and he just laughs as he thinks that nothing was happening but a loud snap rang through the room. He let out a roar as his arm snapped in half.


Next, I tried to test if he could have been a hybrid with vampire but nothing so I kept forcing him to shift. His leg snapped in half and he roared as he fell to the ground, no longer able to stand up.

"You bastard," he growled. His eyes were now a bright golden and his canines and claws started to grow. His bones snapped as he screamed. Fur started to sprout from his skin and his wolf came out.

Smoke started to seep in from the window quickly and I started coughing as it filled my lungs. I flung my hand up and the smoke cleared and he was gone.

He wasn't alone.
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