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Nicolette's POV
My wolf was distressed. A week had passed and my wolf couldn't stop whining. She wanted to see him again. To feel the sparks that we shared. To hear his deep voice that brought joy to our ears.

I needed a break from wallowing in my own self-pity. I put on sports leggings and a sports bra and strap on my leather fingerless gloves. I walk outside and let the cool air wrap around my skin.

I shiver a bit but brought my wolf forward and warm me up. I jumped up and hung on a branch on a maple tree I planted years ago. I started my training off with a few pull ups.

I dropped to my feet and took a few deep breaths. I look at the top of the tree and started climbing. I grab the trunk of the tree and start climbing up the tree.

On the way up, I could see my breathing in the air. As I was almost to the top of the tree, small snow flakes started to fall from the sky.

My chest heaved up and down as I sat on the top of the branch. I haven't trained in so long, I am so out of shape. I leaned on the trunk and crossed my legs on the branch. The snow flakes fe lightly in my hair, melting into small water droplets.

"Nicolette I need you take this invisibility barrier down for me because I'm lonely," I heard a too familiar voice say. I look down and see Beckham standing in the field. I jump down to the ground and walk through the barrier.

"Ah Nicolette I thought you would never answer me," he smiled cheekily. I roll my eyes and wrap my arms around him.

"You're so stupid," I scoff. He lets out a laugh and hugs me back.

"I know but you still love me," he smirks. I rolled my eyes again and said a quick spell and let him in. He's the only one that knows almost everything about me.

I stubbed across him when he was just a new vampire and helped him. He's the only person I let in my home.

"Were you training?" He asks pointing to my gloves. I nod and and started to unstrap them but he grabbed my hand and strapped it up again.

"I'll keep training with you," he said. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it down on the ground that revealed his toned abs that everyone guy wished they had.

"You don't have to I'll just do it later," I said. He shrugged and walked to the patch of dirt that didn't have grass in it.

"Let your anger out I see it building up in you," he said cracking his knuckles then his neck and gave me a little smile. I sigh knowing I won't convince him otherwise.

"Any ground rules you would like to establish?" I ask him. He thinks about it for a second whether he wanted my to use my powers or not.

"No witch powers and no werewolf biting that's it, everything else is fair game," he said. I nodded knowing that werewolf bites are lethal to vampires.

"You ready?" He asks. I nod and he comes straight after me. I jump over his head and slide on the cool dirt.

"You're jumping higher," he points out. I nod and he runs at me again using his vampire speed this time. He jabs me in the stomach and then my shoulder. I let out a winded breath and growl.

"And getting slower." I let out a angry snarl and charge at him. I slide between his legs and dead leg him. I wrap my arm around his neck and pushed my arm to his head.

"Wow 20 seconds quicker than last time," he congratulates me and I drop down on the floor.

"So how's Lucy?" I ask him referring to his mate. He shrugs and rests on his hands.

"She good we're settling in our new coven," he says. I nod showing him that I was listening to him.

"So how's your life been?" He asks changing the subject. I let out a sigh and lay down on the dirt and look at the sky.

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