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Nicolette's POV
"Damn it," I groan. I had him and I could've killed him if I had moved faster. I let out a scream and pull the roots of my hair.

He has a witch with him and a powerful one too. I could feel their aura, their strength. Whoever they were, they were going to be a hard person to get by.

"Nicolette?" I heard. It wasn't Malcom's voice so I shouted that I was in my room. Seth peeked his head into my room.

"I have a favor to ask you while Malcom is off in the woods in a mood," he said. So that's where he went off to. In the woods. I hated fighting with him. I just wanted it to work out.

"Yeah what do you need?"

"There's a vampire in the dungeons, says he was chased into pack lands but guards don't believe him. I was wondering if you could maybe do a spell or something to find out the truth?" He asked me. His tone made it seem like he didn't know if I would be angry at him for asking or not.

"Yeah I can help," I said. He let out a sigh of relief and nodded. He led me to the dungeons explaining what was happening.

As we went down the stairs, it looked different from the cell I was trapped in by Malcom. This one was more open. There was more light. I guess this vampire wasn't as much of a threat as I was apparently.

"I swear I'm telling the truth," I heard from the cells further in. Something about their voice sounded so familiar.

"He's a bit loud," he says to me. I nod and I approach where there were guards shouting at whoever was in the cell. I looked over their shoulders and realized why his voice sounded so familiar.

"Graham," I breathed his name. I swipe my hand through the air and the chains holding him to the wall unlocked and I opened the cell door and he wrapped his hands around my body tightly.

"Nicolette, gods, I haven't seen you in so long," he whispered.

Graham, Beck's little brother. He's 98 maybe. I've lost track of how hold he actually was. I was there from when he was born and taught him a few tricks about being a vampire.

"I've missed you," I said leaning back and fixing the bits of hair that had been put out of place. "How did you get on werewolf territory?"

"There was a big gray wolf that came out of nowhere when I was wandering and then it chased me. And so obviously I ran because vampires can die from a werewolf bite but I don't know if you can because your both. I wonder how that works," he starts to ramble. I roll my eyes and grin a little.

"And the rest of the story?" I ask with a little chuckle. I felt everyone's eyes on my back and my jaw clenched as I felt his presence. I thought Seth said he was in the woods.

"Oh yeah and so I ran and then these two guards caught me and brought me down here," he said. I nodded and stared at the both of them.

"Can I do that spell I used to use on you when you were a kid?" I asked him. He thought for a second.

"The one when mom would always blame me for breaking something?" He asks. I nod then he nods. I place my hands lightly at him temples.

"Shin-mo-mar," I whisper. His memory flashed in my head. He picked up a rock and threw it into the lake. There was a growl from behind him and he turned around. His wolf, Malcom's wolf was behind him. He chased him into his own pack and captured him.

I stumble backwards from him and growl as my heads snaps around and my golden eyes met his brown ones. I ran to him in a flash of an eye and pushed him back by his throat into the stone wall.

"What kind of fucking Alpha are you?" I scream at him. "Chasing him into pack lands. He could have lost control of his demon. He could have lashed out and attacked the pack. He's still so young."

"I needed you to get out of your room," he choked against my hold. His eyes started to flash golden and a growl was starting to escape his throat. The low rumble of his body was felt from the sole grip I had around his neck.

"Did you two know about his plan?" I turn and ask the guards, not taking my hand off of Malcom's throat. They shook their heads no and I pushed him further. The stone around the hum started to crack as the force broke through them.

"Maybe you could have asked like, oh I don't know, Nicolette can we talk?," I said mocking his voice. "He's obviously a young vampire and you still put your pack in danger. What the he'll were you thinking?"

"I wanted to see what you would have done," he choked out another answer. I let go of his throat and he let in a gasp of air.

"And you though right now was a good idea? When I'm mad at you? I gave you a chance to come up with an answer and you decided to test me?" I questioned him. "What if I didn't come? What if they continued torturing him?"

"I would've stopped it," he said in a low growl. I roll my eyes and slow clap.

"And if he attacks after you can't stop a hungry Vampire," I fought back. I knew from experience.

"To think about it I haven't had my blood for today," I heard Graham say in the back. I rub my temple and groan.

"Now isn't the right time Graham," I told him. He closed his mouth and faced back at Malcom. "You really have impeccable timing."

"Come on Graham I have to figure out how to get you home safely," I said putting emphasis on the last word.

"Um, Beck is coming to get me," he said. I slowly turn my head and stare at him. He gave a sheepish smile and I let out a low growl. I shift into my wolf run up the stairs. I sensed Beck getting closer to pack lands.

I raced to the edge of the woods. I was angry. Angry at Malcom for being so blind that he could have hurt his pack. Mad at myself for letting this happen. Graham's memory flashed through my head as I ran. I could feel the terror he felt in that moment, running. I was mad that I let him be a test subject to my mate.

"Nicolette," I heard. I look up and see Beck and shift back, fully clothed. A special spell I used sometimes.

"B-Beck," I said. My chest heaving up and down with anger pulling down on my body. I felt weighted with all the responsibility of Graham.

"You're angry," he said looking at me. I nod. I needed a release of energy and fast before I wouldn't be able to control my magic. "Oh you can't release your magic here like back at your house."

"Wh-what do we do?" I pant trying to calm my breathing. My head started to pound and I felt my magic creeping up. The trees around me began to shake and leaves fell violently around us.

"Come on," he said grabbing my wrist. He ran fast so I ran with him. I felt my power seeping into the earth, feeding it my energy. We came into training grounds and I stop. "Perfect, we fight Nicolette. Release your energy."

My head began to spin as he shoved me into the middle of the dirt and throws his shift off. He let out a feisty snarl and go into position.

"Let me see how bad you've gotten while staying here," he said. My head spun as his fast movement became slurred images. He was in front of me then he was gone.

The solidness of the earth was swept from under me as he swung his leg under me and my back hit the earth. I felt my power getting restless, wanting to be let free.

As the wind was knocked out of my lungs, my vision became clear and I saw Beck peel his face over my face. With he a grin on his face he chuckled, "Is that all you've got?"

I grabbed his legs and pulled them up from underneath him and pulled myself up.

"Game on Beck."
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