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Nicolette's POV
Malcom insisted that he would wrap my leg up with bandages and I had no say in the matter. He wouldn't even let me take a shower before he grabbed the medical kit.

I lifted my leg onto his knee and he started to wrap the bandages around my leg. My blood started to soak through the first layer of bandages as he started to wrap a second time. I places my hand on his arm to stop him.

"You do know I need to take these bandages off to shower. Then you can wrap my leg up if it's still bleeding," I told him. He sighed as he cuts off the bandage and nods.

"Also where are the guards I ordered to be here?" He questions me as I walk into the closet. I grab a towel and the glass ball almost falls onto the ground. I quickly catch it and put it in further in the closet.

"I sent them back because I don't need them," I shout from the closet. I grab some clothes and make sure the glass ball is out of sight from a Malcom.

"Nicolette I put them there for a reason," he groaned. I roll my eyes and walk into the shower.

"Well I took care of myself," I argued.
I washed all of the blood and dirt from my body and saw that my wound was mostly closed and no blood was continuously flowing from my wound. It wouldn't scar but it would take awhile to heal fully though. 

I walked out of the bathroom with the steam curling out of the room and onto the bedroom. I'm always told I took really hot showers but I can't really tell what's really hot with my body being cold all the time.

I see Malcom lightly snoring on the arm chair. His body leaned forward and he rested his head on the edge of the bed. In that moment, I realized how tired I was. The shower only helped a little bit with keeping me awake.

I run my hands over my face and look at the bed then look outside. The bed looked so comfortable. I let out a sigh as I climb into bed and turn off the lights. I swiped my hand through the air and all of the lights in the house turned off.

I wrapped myself in my blanket, being careful not to pull to hard because Malcom was sleeping on it. I heard a noise but it was just Malcom. Then I heard it again. Malcom's breathing got heavy and he started to shake. This has happened to me so many times.

"Malcom wake up," I whisper to him. He was having a nightmare. I slightly tap him and his head shoots up and almost hit my head in the process.

His golden eyes flowed in the dark room as his breathing remained heavy and he looked frantically around the room. Looking for something that could bring him back to reality.

"Malcom you're here now," I told him. I put my hand on top of his and he grasps onto it and pulls me into his chest. He takes in a deep breath and his whole body was trembling.

"I can take the nightmares away," I whisper into his chest. His heart was pounding against my face. He kept a tight grasp around my body without saying a word.

"I don't want you to take them away," he finally tells me. His voice was still shaky and his heart rate had not slowed down at all. I felt his nose against my neck then I felt his canines brush against my neck. I quickly pull away and his golden eyes widened as he stared at me.

"Gods Nicolette I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that I swear," he rambled. He was obviously not calming down right now and I don't think that helped him. I crawled back into his arms and he held me against him again.

"Do you get nightmares often?" I ask him. My neck still tingled from where his teeth grazed over the spot where his mark should be but I'm definitely not ready for that.

"Every once in a while but it has gotten bad recently," he tells me. I nod and feel his arms tighten around my waist. My legs were straddling him and my head leaned onto his chest. My wolf purred as his warmth spread through my body.

"What was your dream about?" I ask him. His chests rumbles as he sighs. One of his hands let's go of my waist and runs through my hair. I shiver as he runs his finger down my spine.

"My father," he simply says. He draws circles on the small of my back and I let out a shaky breath as my body longed for his touch. He let out a chuckle as my breathing becomes shaky as he continues to run his finger along my body. He breaths in, "You're scent is heavenly Nicolette."

The room started to dim as his eyes stoped glowing. His breathing had become more even but his heart rate didn't slow down. My eyes started to droop as his warmth makes a blanket around me.

"I'm sorry," was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

I knew I was dreaming this time because my parents stood in front of me with their backs turned to me. In the middle of the both of them, holding onto them tightly, was me.

I was young and I cling onto my mother's side more. I was definitely a momma's girl. They turned around and stared at me with no emotion on their face.

My mum's green eyes, that were identical to mine, stared at me and my father's blue eyes started at me with the same softness from when he was alive.

I missed looking into their eyes. I missed having them right next to me. I missed having family because no other family member knows I'm alive. They all thought I died with my parents.

"I love you," my mom said, not to me but the younger version of me. I smiled as tears rolled down my face.

"I love you too mama," she cheered back. I let out a chuckle as I wiped the tears off of my face. They turned around and walked into the light until I couldn't see them anymore.

Then it disappeared. The lights of my life vanished and I was alone in the darkness. I sat down in the darkness with tears flowing down my face.

This was a representation of my life right now. A new light burst out of the darkness from behind me. I turned around and saw Malcom.

"I love you," he whispered.
I jolted awake and I was still straddling Malcom and learning against him. His arms held me tightly against him and he was asleep.

What the hell was that dream?
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