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Nicolette's POV
I made my way back home frustrated. I didn't find the most important herb I needed and all the plants were already wilting. I set the basket on the kitchen counter and start sorting everything in their rightful containers.

I washed the berries and put them into the fridge. I let out a sigh and started planning what I was gonna make for dinner.

I grabbed a blood bag from the bottom drawer of my fridge and stuck a straw in it like a juice box. If I feed off of the werewolves I kill it'll make my wolf feel like she's betraying her kind. So, I drink animal blood. It gives my demon less strength but I also don't like feeding on humans.

I finished the blood bag until it was dry and threw it in the trash. I took out some vegetables and two eggs and decided to make a dinner omelette.

Beta Lucas White
I turned back around after the large bang sounded behind me. I turned back around and she was gone. She smelt human. How the hell did a human manage to wander this far deep into the woods. I let out a growl and turned back around to see where the loud bang was from.

"Lucas, Malcom is frustrated about paperwork again," Seth said through the mind link. I let out a huff giving up the investigation.

"Alright I'm coming," I replied. I shifted into my blonde wolf and started running back to the pack house. I ran past the pack town and past Malcom's house.

I found some shorts and shifted back and changed before I walked into our offices in the pack house. Malcom let out a huff as I walked in and threw his pen.

"Where have you been?" Seth asks. I shrug and sit down in one of his comfy chairs.

"I was training in the forest then I smelt someone. So, I looked around and saw this beautiful girl. Her dark brown hair hung down to her hips. She was so perfect," I started to explain.

"You think she's the one?" Malcom asks. I let out a sigh and shake my head.

"I saw her eyes. She saw me. My wolf had no reaction to her. She smelt human but how did she get all the way into the forest?" I start to question.

"There was something weird though," I mumble.

"What did you see?" Logan asks.

"When I saw her eyes they glowed blue," I start off.

"Then she's a witch," Malcom let's out a growl. I shake my head and shut him up.

"There's more. I saw her when she first arrived at the spot. Her eyes flowed red and she was running at impeccable speed."

"A vampire," Logan said.

"How the hell did she get on my pack lands," Malcom growls as he stood up. His chair slid back hitting his office wall.

"How the hell is she a witch and vampire?" Logan questions. I shrug and stand up with the other two.

"Usually if a witch and werewolf mate their child follows their father," I try to explain.

"Were going to find her," Malcom growls.

Nicolette's POV
I finish the last bite of omelette and drink the last sip of my vervain tea. I still left a sting in the back of my throat but it want as bad as when I started drinking this tea.

I have spent almost 400 years drinking vervain so that if the situation ever comes to them finding out I'm a vampire, the vervain won't hurt that bad.

It was dark outside now and I decided to try to get that last herb again. I changed from my skirt to sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt. I am not getting a cold tonight.

I throw on a sweatshirt and grab my basket. I open the door and the chilly night hit my face. I let out a shiver and brought my wolf out to warm us up.

I start to run in the forest and jump into the trees. I like to travel in the trees. Makes it easier to hide.

I get back to the same place and look around for that herb. I spot it and jump down to the ground. I lift my hands to the plant and they start filling my basket.

I turn around to start to go back but I heard movement circling me. I started smelling and a familiar scent hit me. The man who saw me earlier. I cuss in my head and sigh. I heard cracking of bones, rustling of clothes, and three figures came out of the shadows. I saw the man I saw earlier. Lucas.

"Are you sure that her man?" I heard someone ask. I looked to my right and saw someone else. Gamma Seth.

"Yeah she's the one I saw." I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I could feel the third person's presence.

I took a deep breath and finally said something, "May I help you?" I quickly hid my scent and made it my effort to act like I was human.

"I saw you. Your powers your eyes," he starts.

"I have no idea what your talking about I was just collecting herbs for my cooking," I said, acting like I was clueless.

"How did you get here?" I heard from behind me. His deep voice was like music to my ears. It made my wolf's ears perk up. I wanted to hear it again. I turned around and his Hazel eyes pierced my green eyes.

"Mate, that's our mate," my wolf said. I didn't know I could have a mate. I was the only tribrid in the world and I was mated to the Alpha King.

His eyes glowed and I felt his wolf start to come out.

"Mate," he growls. I take deep breaths and my heart started racing.

"What?" I ask him.

"I don't need her she's useless to me. I have all those other she-wolves," he growls. It felt like bricks had fallen on my heart. My wolf whined at the thought of him being unfaithful.

"Malcom she's your mate," Lucas growled. He shakes his head and the wind was knocked out of me. I've made it my mission, I don't want him. I don't need him. I've lived 683 years without a mate what's another 683?

"I'm sorry that I have to cut this short but I really need to go," I said walking past Malcom. He growls and stood in front of me.

"You're trespassing on pack lands and you're not leaving this territory," he growls. I let out a small laughs and sighed.

"I have no idea what a territory is and pack lands," I said. He grabs my hands and tingles shot up my arm. I know he felt the same thing I did because he almost sound his hands back after the shock. I let out a gasp and I felt something puncture my skin.

I felt whatever they injected course from my neck to the rest of my body. Vervain and Witch-Hazel. The vervain didn't sting but the witch hazel hurt like shit.

"Vervain mixed with with witch hazel because Lucas can't see your eyes straight," Malcom growled. He turned my shoulders and runs his finger over the injection wound.

"Vervain would cause inflammation of the skin.  And by what I just saw you do to the plant I'm gonna assume your a witch," he said. I grab his hand and push him off against me.

"You underestimate me," I growled. I wrapped my hand around his neck and pushed him up on the tree. I let my eyes glow orange and growled.

"What the he'll," Lucas mumbled. I felt a hand wrap around me but I kicked the body off of me.

"I wouldn't try me Beta. If I can put your Alpha in a choke hold I would watch it," I growl at him.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" He growled. I pushed his neck further into the tree.

I let out a small chuckle, "You don't want to know." I drop him and jump into the trees.

"Don't look for me," I growl. I traveled in the trees and blended with them till I got back home. I dropped my basket to the floor.

My back hit the wall and I slid down to my knees and let out a sob. Why did my parents have to leave me? I should have died with them.
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