3: Even Shopping went wrong

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So yun pov

I ran from there as fast as i could. Tears streamed down my face as my mind kept recalling those horrible moments. I thought he was a nice guy! Now i understand. I shouldn't believe a guy so easily. They are just good from the outside. Their mind is all evil.

I came in front of my house. By this time, my tears were dried. I thought of telling this to mom and make me feel better. If oppa was there, this wouldn't happen. I was going to press the bell when the door opened by itself. Well not by itself, i saw my mom standing there. She was smiling at me warmly.

Oh soyun! Ur back! Now go and change the dress. We're going for a shopping.
M-mom w-wait. I need to tell u something. It's really important.
Yuniee...i don't have time to listen to ur blabbing. Now go upstairs and change within 10 minutes!
Mom..just listen. A-a g-guy tried to touch-
Oh god soyun! Stop with this act will u? Why don't u wanna go shopping with ur mom? Do u have to make up this much excuse??

I was taken aback by her outburst. Why didn't she believe me? Tears formed in my eyes. I controlled them and went to my room head hung low. As soon as i closed the door, i brusted into tears. I kept mumbling by myself.

Oppa...i miss u. Why did u left me? I need u right now.
I was crying and sobbing. After a bit, i calmed down and went to fresh up. I just washed my face and changed the dress. I wore this and went downstairs after wards.

We both hoped into the car but my mind was blank

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We both hoped into the car but my mind was blank. I didn't want to face mom right now. How can she be like this? Is shopping more important than her her daughter? I heaved a deep audible sigh cause mom to look at me.

Soyun-ah...I'm sorry for shouting at u. But this shopping is really important. I have to tell u smth important after coming home. Just keep it in mind that we will go to a visit somewhere for dinner tomorrow.
I didn't say anything, just nodded. I didn't think much of it. I was just mad at her for not believing me.

After almost 25 minutes, we came in front of a shopping mall. But it looked elegance. We never came here for shopping. From outside, it looks expensive. I was confused and mom seemed noticing that.

Don't worry dear. It's sometimes necessary to come somewhere expensive. Specially when ur going somewhere special.
I saw mom's face lighten up as soon as she said special. Is it that much special? Why would she be happy for a dinner? I shrugged the thought off and went in with my mom.

We were doing shopping. Not we, my mom actually. She was so excited that she almost bought every dress i nod as yes. When it turned to an extent, i stopped nodding even if i like the dress. I was getting slightly pissed and bored so i decided just to roam around.

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