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The next two chapters contain uncomfortable scenes includes violence, r*ape and blood. It may be triggering as well. So skip if ya want :D

I've warned u :)

3rd person pov

Kai walked to namjoon with a deadly glare. And in the next seconds, he threw a strong punch making namjoon stumble and getting yells from the other.

That was for being the leader. Don't worry, i will keep ur face untouched. After all u were born handsome.
He said and chuckled darkly.
In fact i will beat u so much that u will regret messing up with me.
He said gritting his teeth.

U don't know anything kai. So shut the fuck up. You'll regret once u get to know the -
Jackson couldn't finish the sentence as kai hit him with a rod.

I don't want to know any truth! And i don't fucking care!
He screamed and dropped the rod. Jackson was kneeling there bearing the pain.

Kai walked to the front with predating steps. He sat on the chair looking like a king. He snapped his fingers looking intimidate. And in no time, his guards started beating up bangtan and jackson. Where kai was enjoying seeing them looking miserable.

K-kai- li-listen-
Suga managed to utter but was cut off by another hit. Kai smirked seeing them helpless.

Stop now
Kai ordered and the beatings stopped immediately. Kai walked to the weak fugues lying on the ground (a.n: i wanna curse so bad) He crouched down to their level and smirked in satisfaction.

Now see me destroying ur precious little sister. U won't be able to do a single thing.
He said in a mocking tone making all of them groan.

U-u bastard. D-don't dare to d-do anything to h-her. L-leave her.
Taehyung managed to say between his unbearable pain. Kai chuckled darkly and stood up looking down. Just then-

Soyun pov

I'll give u 5 minutes. U have to untie urself. If not.....u will be all mine. (A.n: i couldn't think of any other ideas except hide n sick. But i wanted mine to be unique. Soo...yeah😅)

He said sending shiver down my spines. He started tying me up so tight that my wrists were hurting already. I felt like crying at that moment.

But i stayed strong and tried untying my ropes. But whom an i kidding. (A.n: the typos literally made it kissing. Lmfao. Thank god i revised it😂😂 ok sorry bts)

He even tied my palms. So it was totally impossible to untie the ropes. He smirked looking at my condition and i kept on trying.
W-why r u doin this? What have i EVER done to u? W-why me.....
I screamed not able to control my tears anymore.

I thought kai already made it clear? U really wanna know? Huh? Then listen bitch. Ur dear brother, what? Minie opp? Huh, killed my brother n kai's father. Our only family. And now, ur stepbrothers, bangtan. They were the helpers. Don't think that ur jackson oppa is innocent. He's the same as that bastard minhyuk.

He said making me shock. But i didn't believe a single word of him. I stayed silent still trying to untie my ropes. But it only lead me hurting my poor wrists.

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