30: Suspicious

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Soyun pov

Right now, i was in my bed, thinking of the earlier moment. It doesn't make any sense. Why did it felt like....it's wrong? Am i missing out something? That night, when oppas came back, they've been behaving weirdly. I don't know what have gotten into them...but they're hiding something for sure! No matter how much i tried to make it up, one puzzle is missing.


I woke up in the morning and felt a sting pain on my neck. This was strange. Even i felt a bit dizzy. I went to the washroom, did my morning routine and went downstairs wearing something presentable.

I saw all my brothers there. Then i tried to remember what happened last night. Jin oppa texted me...i went to sleep...i woke in the middle of night...then.....Suddenly, i felt a pain in my head causing me to groan a little.

This made all their attention towards me. But the calm aura suddenly changed to a tensed one. They looked nervous seeing me. What happened to them? I shrugged it off and went to the sitting area where all of them were.

I decided to ask them about last night.
Umm...joonie oppa...can u tell me what happened last night? When did u arrive? Why can't i remember anything?
I asked them all at a time but they just glanced at each other nervously.
A-actually...soyun...we think u were stressed for some reason. And yesterday when we came back, we found u u-unconscious in the kitchen.
Namjoon oppa answered and smiled nervously

But why is he like this. He never shutters while speaking! He is always bold and confident! But what happened today?
Oppa...are u sure...u aren't hiding-
I was going to say something when kook oppa quickly cut me off
N-no bunny! Why would we hide something from u? We aren't hiding something! Believe us!
He said more like pleaded.

I sighed then nodded my head still thinking.
But then...why can't i remember anything? And...why do i feel kinda dizzy? It never happened to me!
I said squinting my eyebrows.
Yunnie! Don't stress urself for such a small thing! U might be weak and tired. We always tell u to take ur meal properly now see...what's
Jhope oppa said quickly but i cut him off
Ok ok fine...stop noww.

Oh btw yunnie....do u want to go to ice cream shop today?
Taehyung oppa suddenly asked lightening up my mood immediately. I nodded quickly and was smiling like an idiot. Suddenly, a call came on suga oppa's phone. He excused himself to talk and we were all eating our breakfast silently.

He came back after a minute then spoke
Well sorry kitty...we won't be able to take u today. We held an urgent meeting today.
He said making my mood drop. I was at the verge of tears so i just looked down hiding it. I don't want them to show that i was weak or emotional.

So i just hide it and went to my room silently. I was really upset for their behavior. They can't spend time with me and now i feel very lonely (baby I'm soo loneelyyy~~) I heard a knock at my door caused me to stiffened a bit then asked without opening the door.
Who is it?

It's me yunnie. Ur suga oppa. Look kitty don't be upset. I know u don't wanna open the door and u need time but it's really important as dad is absent now.
He said softly. I sighed and mouthed a small ok. But one thing that has been still bothering me most was the last night incident.

Flashback end

So now, i was sitting on my bed really bored. I was playing with my phone when i remembered of jackson oppa. So as thought, i texted jackson oppa and sana unnie to pass the time. I actually wanted to meet with them. But couldn't make time.

It was almost the night time when i heard the front door being opened and closed. I squinted my eyes in confusion then went to check who it was. But when i saw that, my eyes went wide. A bunch of black rose! I felt goosebumps all over my body and i tried to look outside the window. But couldn't find anyone.

Who would dare to sent flowers like this? I took small steps towards the flower and took it on my hand. I noticed a letter attached to it. I grabbed the letter with my shaky hands and started to read it.

Hey beauty! U r not alone! My roses are also with u.... (just like my heart)

I cringed at the writing but just at the moment when i was going to throw them in the dustbin, the front door opened revealing my brothers. My eyes went wide seeing them. They just looked at me then the flowers in my hand. Before i could do something, tae oppa came and grabbed them.

I looked down not knowing what to say. But he just looked at me with cold eyes. The others also came and saw that. Before i could say anything, jin oppa yelled

I flinched by his sudden outburst. I didn't expect his to shout at me. After all...he was the oldest. Before we got along, jin oppa was the one to comfort me when the others were rude to me.
From when u were getting something like this? DO U EVEN KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THIS COULD BE?
Now jhope oppa yelled at me. I couldn't control and tears started rolling down from my eyes.

When they were the one not getting any time to spend with me, they r now scalding me? I was really hurt at their behaviour.
Guys...i think we shouldn't react like this. She didn't realise it so let her go. We will handle this.
Suga oppa said in a calm voice making everyone nod
Yes. And also yelling wouldn't be a solution. We have to discuss the matter and come to a conclusion. Now yun, u go to ur room and rest ok?
Tae oppa said a cold but an intimidating tone.

I nodded and quickly left the area. I feel on my bed crying. It's their falut! Not mine! I didn't do anything wrong. Then why did they scold me? But wait....how did they know that it is some kind of threatening? And over that, why and how in the world they thought that it is dangerous?

I sat straight on my bed wiping off my tears. But one thing seemed odd to me. Why did the handwriting seemed so familiar? As if i saw this somewhere? Do i know the owner of the person? But one thing was sure. It was not sehun. Who possibly would courage to send this even here? Through the front door!!! But i think i should let it go for now cuz they're looking for it. I things i shout wait.

End of chapter 30

Jeez. I posted latee. I was fucking traumatised for the morning's event. U know what happened?

I was lying on my bed peacefully, eating my snacks and watching some bangtan videos. Then suddenly, a freaking cockroach appeared out of nowhere taking my soul away from my body. And now, I'm afraid even to step in that damn room -,-


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