54: Guilty

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*don't dare to close it once u end reading the chap! Read it till the VERY end😌😆*

Soyun pov

The door opened to reveal jackson oppa. And one by one, everyone started entering, my so called brothers. What r they doing here now? To mock me? To pity me? To show me their handsome face? Inside which stays devils? (A.n: this was hard)

I didn't say anything just looked away from them. Seeing them made me feel...idk what. I just wanted to stay away from everyone. I wanted to stay alone. I was already feeling horrible and the presence of those monsters weren't helping either.

I heard footsteps getting closer and closer. And with their every steps, my heart beat was increasing to an inhuman speed. I closed my eyes but the scenes from earlier flashed in my mind making me open it immediately in fear.

I heard jackson oppa say softly. I didn't say anything and kept looking outside.
I heard tae oppa's cracked voice. I stayed still not bothering the nickname he called.
My strawberry....(a.n: i love strawberry. Berry~berry~strawberry~ uwu)
It was jin oppa.

And that's when i looked at them. I saw their bloodshot eyes. Did they cry? As if it's making me soft. I also cried. I also begged them to believe me. To listen me, hear me out. If they did, u wouldn't be lying here...in the hospital bed....all helpless, wires attached to me and.....

Once again i was lost in my daze. (A.n: drunk dazed)
I came back to senses by yoongi oppa calling me. They looked at me with a guilty expression but at that moment, i didn't care.
What r u doing here?
My voice was hoarse and ice cold.

They gave me a shocked look but i kept my poker face.
W-we r here for u yunie.....
Namjoon oppa said but i let out a dry laugh.
For me? To pity me? To enjoy seeing me lying down here helpless? To see my pain?
I said as i felt a lump in my throat not being able to continue any further.

N-no yunie.....we r not here t-to pity u...to enjoy ur this state....w-we care for u...u r our sister-
Jimin oppa said but the moment he said 'sister', i glared at him making him stop.
Correction stepsister (a.n: remember when jm said 'stepbrother'? It's payback time 😆)
I said making them bewildered and look down.

I again shifted my gaze towards the window with tears glistening my eyes. I took a deep breath before speaking again.
Don't u know that...u guys r low key the reason why am i in this state now? Yet u r here to make me feel more horrible than I'm already feeling.
I paused a moment before taking a deep breath and speaking again.

P-please.....leave me alone. At least listen to me once and go away. Pl-please.
I couldn't hold it back anymore and started sobbing lightly. I wanted someone to hug me tight and cry on a shoulder. Let out all my pain. My emotions were making me losing my consciousness.

We r leaving yunie. B-but....I'll be happy if u keep this....
I heard suga oppa speaking with his heavy voice. It was obvious he cried a lot. But i turned my head to him to see what he brought. And it was something i really appreciate him for bringing.

Taehyung pov (a.n: good boy)

As soon jackson hyung said that, it was silent among us. Nobody dared to say something. Nor we had something to say.
But even if she doesn't want, we have to.....we have show her that we care.....
Namjoon hyung said getting a nod from me and others. But jackson hyung scoffed.

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