39: Broken

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That was the only thing for soyun. She didn't know for how long she slept. And that's the only thing she could do at that moment to forget those agonising pain. She couldn't even open her eyes fully. She only knew one thing. And that was her dear brothers, whom she loved and trusted, locked her up in this dark room because of a misunderstanding.

There wasn't even the tiniest source of light there. And this was driving her more crazy. Her heart was crying for someone to come and save her from this hellhole. But deep down she knew, she's trapped here, trapped with the monsters, the demons.

Things were also not good inside the mansion. All of them stayed most of their time inside their own room. Everyone was busy with their own thoughts. They even postponed all missions, all dealings.

Jhope was no more a happy ball of sunshine. It isn't his fault though. His 4 years long crush just died and he thought his step sister just killed her. It was too much for him to handle. Even though he said a mafia, seeing ur loved ones killed, by another loved ones, it was a whole new thing.

Jin couldn't digest the fact that soyun is evil. All he could see in her was innocence and purity. He saw how she was crying, how she was begging them to believe her. Yet, he himself didn't know why he didn't protest. He couldn't point out what and where was the problem.

Being the eldest, his duty is to stay by all his brother's side. But in this case, he was afraid to turn back against them. But again, his mind was overwhelmed by negative thoughts.
I didn't know u could hide urself this well...I'll surely miss u calling strawberry
He said as he heaved a sigh.

The same goes for taehyung. He was the closet to her. He really loved and adored her as a sister. But he couldn't believe that soyun was the one who killed sana, the one who tried to kill their father, and most importantly, she's from a mafia family.

His heart desperately told him to believe her, help her. But he was afraid for his rest of brothers. His heart clenched when he saw her crying. He knew her too well from others.
I wish i could stop all these, berry. I have a strong feeling...that what i heard is not true...plz let it be...
He said and sighed afterwards.

Jimin was disturbed as well. He became really fond of her these past days. Specially soyun calling him chimmy oppa was one the thing he liked the most. But he was not in his right mind. His only thought was stuck at the memories from 10 years back. Those betrayals. Again.
I hate betrayals most. And i don't spare the one who betrays and breaks my heart
He said balling up fist, clearly angry.

About namjoon, he was having a debate by himself. Being the leader of the group, he had to think and take steps cautiously. And having a sharp IQ, he started to recall soyun's every movement for the past days. And then it clicked him 'she has been behaving weirdly since they went to Hong Kong'. Hong Kong is a place full of mafia business and she went there out several times without telling them her whereabouts. 'Could that be related?' Namjoon thought.

He remembers how she was rushing somewhere before they got to know about the accident.
Maybe she got to know before, that her mother's plan didn't succeed. And then she saw the news of her mother's death.
He again remembered her sudden disappearance from the funeral
And then, she went to the hospital to kill our appa, but failed. And perhaps sana saw her doing this, for which she killed her....Now it makes sense.
He created an imaginary scene scene by himself and likely solved the puzzled situation. But he didn't know he would regret it later.

Yoongi was sitting in front of his computer the whole day. It was a plus point for him that he didn't have to think much. He was absorbed by the research so much that he forgot about his surroundings. He didn't even sleep the whole night. He sat there since they arrived here. He wasn't there when they were torturing soyun. (Note: jin, suga, v and jimin weren't there at the scene in the earlier chapter)

His only focus was on knowing the truth, the truth about soyun. His eyes widened as he saw one of the information related to this.
Isn't soyun a lee as well? Could that be? Lee...but...wait...Aish! Damn it! Why are these information so reserved?? But...could it be...what I'm thinking? F***. This is absurd.
He said gripping his hair in frustration.

Lastly, the maknae jungkook. He was more than angry on soyun. He loved both sana and his father very much. He was occupiers with those thoughts, which weren't even true. But he didn't know it right? His hatred for soyun grew like a ball of fire, can explode at any moment.
I hate u. With all my heart. I regret loving u as my sister.
He said while flaming in anger.

Taehyung pov

At last, i made up my mind. I got up from my bed and headed to jin hyung. I knocked his door and he opened. He seemed really tired. I went inside and closed the door making jin hyung confused.

I sighed as i sat on the bed making him sit beside me.
Hyung-ah...actually... I'm here to ask u something.
I asked him hesitantly.
What is it tae?
He said. His voice seemed heavy. Did he cry?
Umm...hyung... it's about soyun...
I said but he didn't seem surprised. As if he knew I'm gonna ask him about it.

He didn't said anything so i continued.
Hyung...it's been 1 whole day...she's locked up there....
I said looking down at my lap making jin hyung sigh. He put his hand on my back as i looked at him
I know tae...tbh...to also want to take her out-
I didn't let him finish the sentence as i jumped.

Then what r u waiting for hyung? Let's just bring her out! E-even...she hasn't eat anything since 3 days to be exact. I can't stay like this hyung....plz...I'm sure...hoseok hyung won't say anything if u do it.
I said him in a pleading voice. He sighed once again and stood up. He looked at me and then nodded bringing a wide smile on my face.


End of chapter 39

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