36: Ruined

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*before i start, i want to apologise to u all. I haven't been uploading for 1 week i guess. But i still feel a little light head. But I'm fine. I'm again really really sorry. Plz forgive ur little ghost author xD*

3rd person pov

Soyun was totally broken as for the boys, they were still somewhat stable. The boys couldn't help but feel pity at the broken girl. They were taking care of her well. They also started their work for the research. They had only one question "who could do this?"

2 days later

It was Mrs. Kim's funeral. Soyun was sitting beside taehyung with her head on his shoulder as a support. She was looking pale as ghost and totally vulnerable. These two days passed very fast. Soyun refused to eat anything as the others were worried sick for her health condition.

Oppa. Plz don't ever l-leave m-me
Soyun said this line for the nth time in a cracked voice making tae sigh. He hugged the fragile girl in a protective manner and held her hand
We won't berry. Believes us. We will stay by ur side forever.
Soyun looked at him with tears in her eyes
P-promise me?
Tae smiled a little
Promise! My berry. Now don't cry hm? Smile!?
He said wiping of her tears and giving her a cute boxy smile.

A weak smile appeared on her lips seeing tae's soft side.
Btw...did u switched on ur phone?
Tae asked as soyun denied shaking her head from side to side making him sigh again.
Now stay here, switch on ur phone and see if something important came. I'll go and bring some water. Hm?
Tae said and soyun just hummed in response.

The moment she switched it on, it was blasted by tons of notifications. That's when she remembered about sana. Her eyes widened in realisation. She saw 99+ missed calls from sana unnie. She was going to call her when sana called her by herself. She didn't waste any second before answering it.

So-soyun? Come here in the hospice quick. Plz come as fast as u can. H-*Beep beep beep*
Sana couldn't finish her sentence as the call declined. Soyun felt her hands getting cold. Sana's voice seemed so weak and she was talking as if she's in a danger.

Soyun looked around and spotted tae coming back to her. She hurriedly ran to him and spoke in a hurry
O-oppa. I have to go now. It's really urgent. Pl-
But she was cut of by a concerned taehyung
Hey berry! Calm down. What's wrong? Why r u panting like this?
Oppa. I need to go now. It's something important. I'll explain everything to u later.
She pleaded tae as he nodded hesitantly.

He kept looking at her until her figure was no longer seen by him. He sighed and turned around only to see his other six brothers coming here with their usual calm face.
Hey tae! Where's yunnie?
Jhope asked as he noticed soyun being absent
She said she has something urgent.
Tae explained them and the others just nodded. Tae remembered that he forgot to ask her where did she went, but forgot.

They were heading to their car with their own thoughts when yoongi's phone rang. He received the call and next,


Yonngi screamed after hearing the person on the other line. He had an unreadable expression. As soon he cut the call, the boys looked at him eagerly.

What's wrong hyung?
Jimin asked as suga clenched his jaw
They found out.
He replied calmly
Jin asked curious
The one who did that....
Suga replied gritting his teeth
The one who...made the plane crash....
He said as he closed his eyes. He was becoming red in anger.
W-who was it hyung?
Jungkook asked feeling scared and anxious.
It was-

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