25: Shopping!!!

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*Warning. Happy chapter ahead. Haha
But shocking news at the last ;)
Also read till the end of authors note*

Next morning

Soyun pov

I woke up by sun hitting my face. I stood up from bed and checked the time. It was 7 in the morning. My eyes widened as i realised. I hurried to the bathroom and took a shower. But i remembered that today is no school! Ah what a relief! I chose my today's outfit simple and elegant and went down.


I saw everyone already present there

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I saw everyone already present there. I quietly took a sit between jin and yoongi oppa.
Good morning yunnie!
Mom said smiling widely
Mornings mom. Morning everyone.
I said and smiled a little.

Did u have a good sleep?
Suga oppa asked without looking at me. I just hummed in response.
What about ur hand? Does it hurt?
Jin oppa asked examine my palm.
No oppa. It's totally fine now. Tae tae oppa took god care of me yesterday.
Hearing my nickname, jimin oppa choked his juice that he was drinking.

T-tae tae oppa?
He asked with wide eyes. I heard tae oppa chuckle.
Why? Didn't u like it?
I asked pouting a little.
Aiiyee no no berry i love it very much. Thanks for the nickname. Jimin is just jealous that he didn't got a nickname.
Tae oppa said showing his boxy smile

Haha no need to be jealous jimin oppa. Can i call u chim chim oppa from now?
I said smiling brightly. Well i don't know if I'm doing right or wrong but...this feels good. But again, jimin oppa widened his eyes and choked his food. I chuckled seeing his reaction. He just showed me his eyes smile then started thinking about something. I shrugged it off and focused on my food.

Everyones was talking but i was thinking something else. Did they forgive me? But i haven't done anything wrong. They should be the one asking forgiveness. Though tae oppa said sorry last night, the others didn't. But i guess everyone deserves a 2nd chance!

After the breakfast, we all went out as per the plan. I can't believe we are really going to the biggest shopping mall of korea. I heard everything there is really expensive but...never mind. I sat between jhope oppa and jimin oppa. The ride was almost silently until i broke it.

Umm...is that ok...if i call u oppa from now on?
I saw namjoon oppa nod his head on the passenger sit. My face brightened up immediately.
Then did u accept me as ur sister?
I asked excitedly. But they just looked at each other. *silent* I looked down at my lap then shrugged it off. I'll make sure they do accept me as they allowed me to call oppa for now.

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