44: Mess

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3rd person pov

All the bts members were in namjoon's room, thinking about what they could do now. They need courage to approach to soyun. And their guilt was making them feel vulnerable. They were thinking about other things as well. They couldn't think out who could be the reason behind all these.

Yea they may have lots of rivals but none of them would dare to mingle in their family matters. Even soyun was hidden well from their mafia world just in case. But now everything is messed up, everything is complicated. Their mind wasn't functioning as well.

Jimin whispered gaining everyone's attention. He looked at jin with teary red eyes which made jin's heart clench.
H-how will we stand in front of her....she she- hates us....what will we do now
He said looking down. Jin sighed and patted the younger's back.

We will ask her forgiveness-
But he was cut off by taehyung.
Do u think we r worth asking her forgiveness? We don't deserve her forgiveness! She hates us. And that's fucking our fault. She will never forgive us...
He growled in anger, but whispered the last part. He knew he was also at fault.

But he suddenly gave a murderous look to yoongi as he marched to the older.
He grabbed yoongi's collar and started punching him. But yoongi didn't protest at all. He also knew his fault. He blamed himself for this situation. Only if he himself did some research, this wouldn't happen.

Only because of u! Today our chubs hates us. We grew a wrong concept about her. It's all fucking ur fault!
Taehyung screamed ferociously realising yoongi. He was breathing heavily as the others tried to calm him down. Jimin went to yoongi and tried to treat him. But he just refused and simply went away, locking himself in his room.

Taehyung came back to his senses after a while and his eyes went teary again. He gripped his hair in frustration and cried hard. Everyone couldn't stop their tears seeing the boy in front of them.
W-what have i done. Why is all these happening? Hyung...do something...
Taehyung said looking at the elders with begging eyes. But he knew they also can't do something.

Soyun pov

I was sitting in my room boringly thinking about everything. I wanted to forget everything and just live happily. But it was hard, harder than i thought. Guess my life is like this. A total mess. I sighed as i stood in front of the window. I suddenly felt like going in the garden. I wanted some fresh air, to calm my mind.

Without thinking twice, i went out of my room and headed to the garden. I sat on the grass looking at the night sky. It was calm and peace, unlike my mind. I took a deep breath as my eyes started to get teary. But that peace didn't last long.

I heard a ruffling sound which made me look around. I felt uneasy and scared.
W-who's there?
I asked as i heard some footsteps. My heart was beating really fast. I saw two silhouette of men and this made me more scared. I stood up and proceed to go back to the house. But before i could, i felt someone grab me from behind tightly and dragging me.

I let out a scream in fear and in the next second, someone put a cloth in my mouth making me lose conscience little by little. The last thing i remember was one of the man carry me to a car while i tried to fight back with my weak self. Then everything became blurry and then, black.

Yoongi pov

I was sitting in my room gripping my hair tightly im frustration. My breath became heavy cuz of anger. I was angry at myself, for not being able to find the truth. I was lost in my thoughts when i heard a scream. It seemed like soyun's screaming, coming from the garden. My eyes widen as i looked out at my window to get a view of the garden.

And what i saw made my eyes more wide. I saw a man putting a cloth on her mouth as she lost her energy. I wasted no time before rushing there. But it was too late. The car went away. I could only see a shiny thing of the car in the light of moon. And i understood it immediately, who was behind all these mess.

I went inside the mansion and saw all of them come here with a confused face.
What happened suga?
Jin hyung asked me as i looked down sighing. But before i could say something, i felt someone hugging me. I heard some soft sob coming from taehyung's mouth as he hid his face on the crook of my neck. My eyes softened seeing his condition.

H-hyung..I'm sorry...i...plz forgive me...
He started to sob again. I rubbed his back patting a little as he broke the hug.
H-hyung. I'm sorry...i was just...
He looked down in guilt. But i held his shoulder and shook it showing him that I'm not angry at him.
Shh...tae... I'm not angry at u. I know u were hurt and angry... it's ok...
I said smiling a little as he also nodded and smiled after mouthing a little thank u.

So...what was the scream hyung?
Hoseok asked and i became serious in one second. Everyone noticed the tense and understood something serious happened. We all sat on the living room and everyone looked at me eagerly to explain what happened. I took a deep breath before opening my mouth to speak.

Soyun is kidnapped.
There was a moment silent before the maknae line bursted out.
They looked at me with wide eyes as the rest was also giving the same reaction.
Suga, tell us clearly what happened. How did these happen.
Jin hyung asked me sternly as i nodded and folded my hands together.

So...the thing is...when i heard a scream, i saw two men holding soyun in the garden, trying to make her lose conscious. I wasted no time before rushing there. But still, it was too late. They fled away. But-
I paused for a moment and looked at all the curious tensed faces.
But what hyung?
Jungkook asked impatiently.

But i saw something specific. And i know who it is...who's behind all these.
I said sitting straight.
Almost all of them asked me at the same time.
It was.....



End of chapter 44

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