31: Turn

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Bts pov

We sighed after soyun went to her room. We glanced at each other and sat in the living room. Nobody of us was talking until jin cleared his throat.
Ok so...from where to start?
He said looking at everyone.
Straight to the point. Who possibly could send her these?
Jhope said clearly angry.

Well he can be a fluffy ball of sunshine as well a devil when gets angry.
But before that, Why didn't u even let her explain? It wasn't her fault anyways. U shouldn't have shouted to her like that. Did u see how much hurt she was? After all we were the one who left her alone
Tae said leaning back look into at jin and jhope with angry eyes.

Jim sighed and looked down feeling guilty as the same goes with jhope.
He's right hyung. We had no right to be angry on her. Cuz it was our fault. She was naive here.
Namjoon said and they nodded.
U guys should apologise soon. Cuz she's really sensitive to these kind of stuffs.
Jungkook said eyeing the elders.

So now...who can we suspect?
Suga said leaning forward, holding his two palms together. Everyone started to think and there was only one in our mind and that was SEHUN. That bastard is our enemy and it's really dangerous for soyun to be his target. Actually we were also a little stressed about yesterday.


We came back from our mission when we heard a noise. We went to check who is it and then, we heard a scream. It was soyun. We saw her mumbling and it was quite funny but it died when soyun suspected us. We weren't expecting this from her.

Why are u guys all black? Are you...involved in the...underground world?......
We all stopped laughing and glanced at each other and understood the tension between us.
W-why do u think like that yunnie?

imin said shuttering, clearly nervous. This made soyun more curious.

Well...i read a lot of books like that. But that doesn't matter. Tell me...
She said while looking at us for an answer. But we couldn't say anything.
Yunnie...why are u awake this late...u should go sleep!
Jin hyung said trying to distract her but she stopped him and gave a more detective like look.

Are u guys hiding something from me?
She asked raising one eyebrow. We could clearly see that jhope was getting angry. He is the least tempered among us. We saw him clenching his fist then went away somewhere. While we were busy burying the lies.

But it wasn't easy for us. She has been interrogating us like a pro and hell we all became nervous. But suddenly, something unexpected happened. We saw soyun going down slowly, or fainting. Before she course fall and hurt her, tae caught her in his arms. We saw a red hobi standing behind us.

Our eyes widened as we saw him injecting her.
Tae was flaming in anger but namjoon stopped him.
Stop tae....he did the right thing
He said and sighed.
Wha- hyung how could u say thaatt! He literally-
He was again cut by jin.
He's right hyung. Don't worry. It isn't that harmful.

R u kidding me! U kind of drugged her to forget these? And u said this is ok????
Jimin growled now.
Look jimin tae, i know u might get angry but we didn't have any other way....
Jin said trying to calm down the youngers. They just scoffed and rolled their eyes.
She better be well tomorrow or i won't hesitate to cause a fuss.
Tae said and left the living room carrying soyun in his arms.

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