8: Rules!

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Soyun pov

The whole night, i couldn't sleep as always. But today, it was different. I wasn't crying. I was just thinking about my life. I didn't get to know when tears flowed down. I was just staring at the dark, looking emotionless and thinking about my fate.

I woke up after getting that i can't sleep today. It was 6 in the morning. Still early. Even it was a weekend. I should be happy that i didn't have to meet that Sehun today...but i wasn't. Why? Because of my so called stepbrothers!

I went downstairs after changing my dress

I went downstairs after changing my dress

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It was empty there. Just some maids working. I noticed the garden outside and smiled brightly. I went there and sat on the ground, under a tree. I looked up at the sky. A cold wind blew my hair which crept a smile on my face.

A memory flashed in my mind and a tear dropped while smiling. How me and minhyuk oppa used to go to the park every weekend. How he used to treat me. I put my face on my knees and started sobbing. I was blabbing by myself but heard a loud voice calling my name. I quickly wiped my tears and took a deep breath before stepping in.

3rd person pov

Jin woke up early today. He went downstairs and saw the maids cooking. He greeted them with a smile. Even he is a mafia, he is always kind towards everyones except his enemies. He was walking past the living room room when something caught his eyes.

He could see soyun sitting in the garden looking at the sky. But what made him confused was why she was crying and sadly smiling at the same time. He knew there's something wrong with her and he told suga to research about her.

He felt bad for her. Because she doesn't seem that type of girl. She seems nice and...mysterious. Suddenly, he heard jimin coming. He greeted jin with a warm smile but his smile soon turned into a glare as he saw soyun sobbing in her knees. He thought it was an acting to melt their heart which was a BIG WRONG.

He screamed her name with anger at the top of his lungs. Jin sighed seeing the behaviour of jimin. By this time, all of them were present at the living room except suga. Soyun was looking down at her feet where the maknae line were giving her death glares. Everything was silent until jimin spoke.

Now our dear sister. Are u ready?
Jimin said while gritting his teeth and smirking. Soyun looked up at them and saw all of them smirking except jin. But she didn't know what she did.
R-ready for wh-what?
She said getting scared. This made jungkook angry and pissed. He barged his hand on the table and said annoyed
For God's sake will u stop shuttering? Why do u always shutter?!

I'm- I'm sor-sorry. I shutter when I'm.. sc-scared....
She said shattering again. Jungkook rolled his eyes in pure anger and annoyance. But taehyung just chuckled and said
Scared? Of whom?
Soyun just looked down not answering his question. She got startled as hobi spoke loudly
Answer his word bitch!

U-u guys...
Soyun said still looking down. They smirked in satisfaction and jimin just muttered
That's good to hear.
Jin didn't spoke a single word. He was just examining the trembling girl in front of them. It didn't seem like a acting to him.

Everything was silent and soyun was feeling uneasy as she noticed all their gaze on her. Jin noticed her state and cleared his throat and spoke.
So....where were we?
This bought all of them to reality and jimin nodded his head before explaining.

So our little innocent baby sis! Are u ready for what we said yesterday night?
Soyun widened her eyes as she remembered what he meant. She slowly nodded her head gulping nervously. She flinched a little as jungkook growled.
Use ur word bitch!
Her breadth hitched and she felt like her soul lwft her body. Even she herself didn't know why she's afraid to approach in front of them.

She felt like she lost her words. But she gathered her remaining courage and tried her best not to shutter while speaking
Yes I'm read-
Looks like someone didn't shutter!
Taehyung mocked her and they all bursted out laughing. Then hobi spoke.
Our little sister is not afraid of us anymore!
They again started laughing. Where soyun was at the verge of crying.

She was never humiliated like this in her while life. She bitted her lips as she tried her best not to cry in front of them. Then jimin's word made her shiver more
If u not afraid of us, we'll make sure u r afraid!

She just looked down at the ground not knowing what to do. Everything was ok until jungkook whined
Hyung do quick!! I'm hungryy~~
Jimin nodded and looked at soyun evilly. He cleared his throat and spoke
Now listen. We'll give u some rules to follow.

Rule 1
U are not a princess here but as a maid. So act like one. Do all the household chores. WITHOUT ANY COMPLAINTS!

Rule 2
Make breakfast, lunch and dinner. And it must be tasty. Otherwise ur gonna starve!

Rule 3
No complaints against us

Rule 4
Obey our words by any means

Rule 5
U are not allowed to eat with us or go to school with us

Rule 6
Never talk back

Rule 7
No slutty attitude here

Rule 8
U can't go to club

Soyun cut off him by protesting
But I'm not like this! I never go to the club! It's not what-
She was cut off by a hard slap by jungkook. He looked at her with red eyes and spoke
Did u forget ur rules this early???? A slut always should watch her mouth!

Soyun's eyes filled with tears and they started flowing uncontrollably. She couldn't hold them back. She just looked at her feet and jungkook went back to his seat. Then jimin continued.

Rule 9
DO NOT enter our rooms within permission


Rule 10
Do all our homeworks

Jimin finished with a smirk. And after that, taehyung spoke

U have to obey these rules. Otherwise, you'll be PUNISHED severely!

Soyun was terrified by their behaviour. She just stood there froze, not knowing what to do. Her life is officially ruined now!

End of chapter 8

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