37: Miserable

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Bangtan pov

Our mind has been a mess right now. Everything seems so complicated. We were sad, hurt, angry & disappointed. Why did it had to be like this? Why are all these happening?


It was.....Mrs. Kim.
As soon yoongi hyung said that, all of our eyes went wide as jimin and namjoon gasped. Hoseok was already flaming in anger hearing this. We looked at yoongi hyung for further explanation as he continued
She was the one who planned all of these from the beginning. But 'fortunately', she died.
He said the last part with a little smirk.
Serves her right.
Jungkook said with his clenching jaw

Just then, jin hyung's phone rang saying it was from the hospital. Tension build up among us as we saw his eyes becoming wide. What now? We thought. He hanged up as we saw his tensed face.
We have to go to the hospital NOW
He said getting into the car. We also didn't waste any second before hopping in.

It was silent inside until namjoon broke it
What happened hyung?
Something happened to appa
Jin hyung answered
But didn't they say he's out of danger?
Jimin asked curiously.
Yea he was. But a while ago, the said that someone opened his oxijin (of ik it's not time for fun, but nvm xD) mask which made his condition critical.
All of us brusted out hearing his words including yoongi, who was driving the car silently.

Yes. But they were fast enough to notice it. So he's somewhat ok now...
Jim hyung said as we sighed in relief. It was silent again. All of us were lost in our thoughts.
Who would try to kill our appa?
Tae voiced his thoughts as he looked at the others.
Whoever it is, the person might pay
Jhope said in his unusual deep voice and everyone knew what's hidden behind that. He's the most dangerous among them when angry. So they don't want to imagine what the condition of the person might be after finding out.

What about soyun?
Jimin asked out of blue. It was silent until jungkook opened his mouth. And his next words made all of our eyes went wide, well except yoongi hyung.
She'll pay for her dearest mother.
But taehyung quickly defended it
But she seems innocent here...right? It's her...mother's fault. Not her...i guess
He whispered the last part as we r still unsure about this. Cuz we can't just blame anyone without any further proof.

Maybe she's innocent or maybe she's not. But this whole time, we loved the wrong person, who turned out to be the MURDERER of our dad. And how can we just say that she's not involved in these? How can we know that she hides something behind that pretty innocent mask?
Jungkook growled making everyone fall deep in thoughts.

Only the sound of engine was heard. We were not far away when yoongi hyung's phone again rang. He received it and brought it to his ear. And in no time, his face became red due to anger. His grip in the starring wheel tightened making his knuckles turn white. Veins were popping out from his neck and arms. (Gooshhh i can't imagine this aaaa this so freaking hoott ok stop now)

We couldn't think of what made him angry like this. He could destroy everything when he's angry. He hanged up the phone as he was still angry as before. Again?! So many things are happening today. That's too much to digest. We all remained silent feeling scared to talk with an angry yoongi. Only jin hyung had the courage to ask him as he did.

Y-yoongi. What happened?
Jin hyung asked looking at him as yoongi hyung sighed frustrated.
Everything's messed up.
He paused for a moment.

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