55: EnD

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Soyun pov

A smile crept on my lips as i hugged the RJ doll tighter. I'm really happy to get this right now, as i really needed smth. I really needed something or someone to hug right now. Let all my feelings drown away with tears.

But i need to be strong now. I can't just forget what they did to me...Remembering all those memories made my eyes teary once again. I sobbed whilst hugging the giant plushie. And to my surprise, i fell asleep with rj doll in my embrace.

Someone Pov(readers: now who's dat?😐)

I was looking at her working hard while i was getting bored af sitting here.
Hey noonaaaa. How long it will takeee
I whined and she looked at me weirdly.
She asked getting back to work.

Cmoooon. I'm sooo bored. U r not even letting me go outside! Am i a 5 years old kid?
I said crossing my arms over my chest, unknowingly pouting.
Well look who's really acting like a kid now?!
She said and chuckled to which i sat up straight and gave her a poker face.

She saw something on her record list and smiled sweetly at me.
Now u giant baby. Do u want something to do?
She said making my eyes sparkle. I nodded with a wide smile and stood up ready to go.

Yah! Where r u going? I didn't even say what work u have or where or when or how-
I stopped her from going further and gave her a sign to continue impatiently.
Ok yea. So...u need to check the patient of ** room. Just simply check up, don't do anything else.
She said and i gave her a "-.-" look.

What do u think I'm gonna do?
I asked rolling my eyes getting my ears dragged instead.
Ow ow ouch. Noonaaaaa lemme gooo it hurts.
I whined in her grip.
Don't roll ur eyes mister. Now go or no tasty dinner for today!
She said giving me threat and letting me go.

I took the chance and went away from her grip.
I will be a good boy. Tteokkibokki for me todayyyy
I said and ran away. I heard her chuckle and i also smiled seeing my family happy.

She's my sister in law, the wife of my elder brother. She's an angel to be honest. But i remembered that i also have to fetch my younger brother from his school. He's sometimes a real pain in ass. But yea i still do love n care for him. I just have one thing left. And that's....a perfect life partner.

Thinking of all those, i arrived in front of the door noona mentioned. I peaked from outside not to get anything. I lightly pushed the door to see the bed empty. My eyes diverted to the shadow coming from the right side and my eyes widened as i saw the scene in front of me.

Soyun pov

I woke up panting hard from a nightmare. I looked around and found myself in the hospital bed, with my favourite rj doll beside me. I bit my lip as a tear dropped and a sob left my mouth.

I saw a nightmare about that incident. This is just killing me. And the pain on my lower abdomen just made it worse. I got up from the bed and went to the washroom attached to the room. I saw my ownself in the mirror.

I was indeed a mess. My eyes were red from crying, my lips were swollen for biting hard. Dried tears, messy and tangled hair. My eyes widened as i noticed something...which i hope i never saw.

I saw a purple mark on my collarbone, which hurted when i touched it. An unwanted whimper left my mouth not being able to think about it anymore. I clutched my hair tight in frustration (a.n: trusfrated*). I screamed as more tears left my eyes.

I looked at the mirror again and it made me disgusted seeing myself like that. I looked at myself panting hard, looking right into my eyes. (A.n: i remembering jin's verse of permission to dance hehe)

I looked around to find anything but there wasn't anything helpful. I walked out of the washroom lifeless and sat on the corner of the bed. My eyes looked around the room and my eyes got stuck at the window.

I slowly walked towards it and looked out. I was at the 4th floor. And there was a busy road down there. I looked at the blue sky (a.n: like an arrow in the blue sky~) then back at the road. My mind filled with thoughts...

Should i....do it? End it all? Maybe yes. What's the use of keeping this life which is nothing but a mess. Nobody likes me....nobody would bother if i die.....rather it would be peaceful. And i will also get to see my family.

I smiled looking at the sky as minhyuk oppa's smile came in my mind. I took a deep breath before climbing up....ready to end this mess. I started recalling those short memories i had with my stepbrothers. I still do love them.

I looked back at the rj doll kept on my bed, a chuckle left unknowingly. I was crying and laughing at the same time. I closed my eyes and sighed, ready to jump off.

Good bye everyone. I know no one will miss me.......

End of chapter 55


Short yet interesting chap. Right....lol idk. But what do u think? Will soyun die and it'll be the end?

And yea.

Maybe tomorrow i will upload the facts abt me and....yea my hand reveal lol.😆 Those who wanted me to do a face reveal, I'm sorry. Cuz i don't feel so confident posting it here.....😅

And if i do, maybe...it will be after 1M reads....till then, maybe u will get to see me in real life hehehe.

Anyways. R u satisfied with this chap? 😁


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