5: Stepbrothers

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So-yun pov

Hello pretty....

As soon as i heard the voice, i froze at my spot, my breath stopped, my blood turned cold and my face went pale. It was he whose voice i never wanted to hear. It was he for whom i wanted to fade away. My hands started trembling badly for fear. There was a huge silence until soyun spoke.

W-what do u w-want sehun?
Aww....my babe doesn't know what i want? I want u...my princess.
Soyun made a disgusted face hearing his words. She got angry and spatted.
Tell me what u want or I'm ending the call.
Woo....my babe is becoming strong?
Shut up u motherf*cker. I'm gonna sue u. And how did u get my number?
Really? But to my bad.....u can't. And i have my ways!
Who said i can't? I can
Nobody will believe u! If even ur mom didn't believe u, then who else do u expect to believe? Also, there's no way people will will believe!

My heart sank when i heard him saying my mom didn't believe. He's right thought. Even, i don't have any proof. But i decided to stay stong as much as possible.
What.do.u.mean by no way to believe?
You'll see princess.... There's a surprise waiting for uuu~~ and mark it! "I'm not over with u yet!" U taste amazing.
He said the last line whispering deeply and then declined the call.

I collapsed on my bed shedding tears which i holded back for the past few minutes. I gripped my hair and screamed in frustration. This is too much. His words are killing me.

I couldn't sleep the whole night. I was rather thinking of minhyuk oppa, or about my 7 soon to be stepbrothers or about my earlier talk with sehun. But the thing which bothered me most was sehun. No matter how much i want to forget those...i can't. What did he meant by surprise? Is he planning something more evil?! Oh goooddd! What I've got myself into? Plz save meee!

I woke up with the sunlight hitting my face. I slept for only 1 hour today. Well thanks to those thoughts for bothering me! I'm getting less sleep day by day. I got up from my bed and did my morning routine. I wore this and went downstairs.

The smell of waffles hit my nose but it didn't brought any smile nor it made my stomach growl

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The smell of waffles hit my nose but it didn't brought any smile nor it made my stomach growl. Instead i didn't feel like eating. I headed to the kitchen and saw my mom smiling while wiping her hands.

Good morning yunnie! Had a nice sleep?
I replied with a small nod even though i didn't. Then mom spoke while smiling brightly.
Yunniee...are u excited to meet ur soon to be stepdad and step brothers?
I'm sure you'll like them!

Oh yea! Yunnie! Me and ur stepdad is gonna leave for a business trip for 1 week. And i don't want u to be all alone here! So...ur gonna live with ur stepbrothers from tomorrow. Do u mind with it?
Um...no...i think..
Thank u soo much yunnie!
It's ok mom. Now byeee I'm gonna be late!!
Bye....come earlyy! Don't get in detention!
I stepped out of home and sighed heavily. Idk what's waiting for me!

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