48: Ready for the fight

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Soyun pov

I woke up finding myself in the same place as before. Not that i expect to find myself in a comfy bed. I tried moving but failed as i felt sore everywhere. Every parts of my body was hurting and stinging. I felt dried bloods on my lips. I wonder how long i was unconscious. I wish i never woke up from the sleep.

Tears started streaming down my face cuz of the lain as i forced my self to sit up. I looked at my own weak figure which was now covered with some dried blood. Some parts of my clothes were torn making me more ashamed of myself.

What did i do to deserve this-
I mumbled by myself sobbing lightly. It was getting worse by every second. I hugged my knees and tried to endure the pain. I confronted myself that it would just hurt a little more. Then, i will be free.

My thoughts were interrupted by the loud thud of door. I saw a ferocious kai standing there, breathing heavily. His smirk made me shiver in fear as i started backing up until i hit the wall. He looked down at me as if I'm sort of prey, he's ready to hunt. He crouched down to my level and gripped a handful of my hair making me hiss in pain.

So pathetic
He mouthed and started checking me making me cover my body with my hands as a reflex. He let out a mocking chuckle and looked at me creepily.
U can't hide from me babe
He said with a smirk and let go my hair harshly.

Ur bloody bastard brother made his sister just like him. He must be waiting for his sister to go to him- up there
He said pointing his fingers up making me grit my teeth even in such pain.
Ur brother never listened to me. He was always with them! He just showed that he's with me when he just betrayed MEEE!
He screamed making me flinch.

I didn't get a single thing what he was talking about. They? Betrayed? What did minhyuk oppa do?
He didn't remember while killing my dad! He held my father captive! And showed me that I'm like a brother to him?! His life isn't enough for what he've done!!!

I just tried to process what he said. M-minhyuk oppa? Killed? He might be joking. My oppa can never kill someone! And held his father captive? Jackson oppa and minhyuk oppa said he was missing for 1 month and his family gave up at last. Then what is he saying now? They couldn't lie to me, could they?

My thoughts were interrupted by another loud thud. This time, it was sehun. For some reason, i felt scared in front of him. I didn't know why.
Where's the feisty girl? The one who shouted on me earlier huh? Now it's replaced with a weak and helpless one huh?
He said as he also crouched down to my level.

My only family, my only support, my everything  (a.n: my everything my bpood and tears got no fears I'm singing wooo~~~ ok sry😅) was killed by that motherfucker. Ur brother!
He said gritting his teeth making me more confused than before. His eyes were red now.

That stupid minhyuk, killed my brother! He's dead. But.....isn't his loved ones get to feel the same pain~~~ it would be fun playing with u~~~~
He sang the last part smirking at me. I saw kai smirking as well. Sehun extended his hand to touch me but before he could, i stood up and kicked him with my knees. They were shocked to see my sudden movement. I was untying me up when they were busy talking.

I knew something happened between them and this won't end up well. As soon i freed from them, i ran towards the door but luck wasn't by my side, like always. Before i could reach for it, i felt someone grabbing me harshly and throw me on the bed. I arched my back for the pain in my whole body. I saw sehun hovering over me with a handcuff and in no time, my hands were tied with the headboard.

My heart was beating like crazy now. And many thoughts started coming up in my mind, which i never wished to be true. I felt my legs being tied by kai.
U need to learn a lesson! Scream as much u can. Cuz ur screams will make them suffer~~
Kai smirked and went away leaving me helpless with sehun.
Time for the punishment babeee~~~
He said caressing my cheeks making me a disgusted face.

I knew his intentions now. I silently prayed someone to save me. Tears started to form in my eyes as he started kissing my neck roughly.
Oh god. Pls save me! The last thing i want is to be r*ped by him!!!

3rd person pov

We got the location.
All of their face immediately light up hearing the news.
Then why r we waiting? Let's go?
Jungkook said in a hurry and proceed to walk. But jackson stopped him.
Wait jungkook. Listen first. We need to be VERY careful in this fight. Cuz they might threaten us with her, try to make us weak. But- no matter what, we can't show them that...we are weak. We have to save her, anyhow, even...if it requires our lives.

He said being dead serious making everyone nod and ball up their fist.
But- guys, promise, that...u will try ur best to be safe. If any of us get injured, jin hyung, be read with the medication.
Namjoon being the leader said. Which everyone nodded, but they all were anxious inside. After doing a little more encouraging talks, they set out for the real fight.

The biggest mafia gang, in fight with a small one. Not even equal with them. Bit still, they were afraid. Everyone was dressed in black, ear piece in their ear, ready to fight with their bestest men, with their best experience and power. Still, they r nervous and scared. Cuz they can't predict anything what could happen.....

They didn't know, what was waiting for them.....

End of chapter 48

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