34: Feelings

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Jaemin pov

I was in disney land with my annoying dongsaeng. He was enjoying by himself where i was all annoyed by his childish behaviour. We were taking a break from the visit when i spotted something, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

It was a girl, being herself, she was not wearing something fancy and i could only see her side profile. And believe me, only that was breathtaking. I was busy admiring her and forgot that another kid was also with me. I got startled when he shook me and looked at the direction i was looking.

But he was innocent enough, couldn't figure out what i was looking at.
Umm...hyung...what are u looking at? I have been calling u for the past minute but u were not even sparing me a glance!
He said with a small pout. Goosshh what will i do with this adorable little boy!

Ok listen...jisung. Can u see the girl over there?
I said hoping he wouldn't over react
Umm...that beautiful noona?
He said pointing her. I nodded my head vigorously.
Can u go to her and ask about her? I actually met her some days ago and forgot to ask about her. So...can u do a favour for ur hyung? Pleasee?
I said giving him puppy eyes hoping he will buy my lame excuses but instead he gave me a suspicious look.

But what will i get in return?
He asked raising one eyebrow. I cleared my throat and spoke
Umm...what about...free ice cream treat?
As soon i said that, he started jumping excitedly. Why does he melt so quickly after hearing ice cream?

He looked at the direction where she was and smiled before going. For some reason, i couldn't figure out what it was, but i couldn't take my eyes of her. I know that i might look like a creep right now but......

My eyes went wide as i saw that dumb bumping on her and the water spilled on her. I sighed in frustration then saw them talking cheerfully. I couldn't hold it anymore and went to them. *She looks more beautiful from near. What the hell am I thinking! Ok whatever*

She smiled and we were talking when that dumbo spilled the truth. I was red from anger and embarrassment. Still she didn't said anything and we became friends. I got to know her name and she came her with her family to enjoy. The whole time, I couldn't stop looking at her. My heartbeat was beating in an inhuman speed idk why.

After we bade goodbye and went out of her sight, I smaked his head tightly.
Oww what was that for?
He said rubbing his back.
Have u lost ur mind u dumb? Why did u said that?
I said growling in anger but he just made an innocent face making me rub my temple in frustration.

After going home, the first thing i did was texting her. And for some reason, i felt excitement inside me while texting her. I was smiling like an idiot the whole time. I sighed before stepping into my room, the smile never leaving my face.

Soyun pov

Few days passed

For the past few days, i couldn't help but point a finger on my behaviour. I've been behaviour weird lately and i clearly understood that. I've been spacing out a lot and whenever jaemin used to text me, o would smile like an idiot, i would wait for his texts, even hanged out with him a lot without telling anyone.

I know my brothers would find it suspicious but i couldn't help with it. I wanted to spend some time with him before going back to korea. Think it's of leaving him made me sad but i tried to push the thoughts away and enjoy the remaining days.

Bts pov

In the recent days, we have seen weird behaviours in soyun. She spent her time in phone a lot which is odd. And she also used to hang out a lot saying that she has a friend her. We didn't know anything about it nor her mother. But we also knew that its not safe for her to roam around in Hong Kong like that.

Though our enemies don't know about them, the prevailing letter was the thing which made us tensed. We couldn't even follow her so we just let it be as it is temporary.

3rd person pov

It's been almost 1 week since they are in Hong Kong but nothing changes. They used to go out everyday as for soyun, she was also keeping in contact with jaemin. Jaemin was nothing different. He also liked to hang out with her but couldn't figure out why.

On the other hand, bts were tensed a little to see soyun like that as Hong Kong is the place of most of their enemies. They even suspected soyun but then pushed off those negative thoughts.

Today, they were going back to korea. For bts, it was nothing but for soyun, she was really sad, to leave jaemin. She bade jaemin her last good bye as for jaemjn, it was also the same. He will miss her a lot. They've become very closer in such a short span of time.

But their parents said that they will go after them, meaning they will go the day after them. Though they didn't agree 1st, Mr. Kim insisted them for whuch they left no choice. So as planed, they all headed back to korea

Only to start a new chapter of their life

End if chapter 35

Boomm!! I updated aaaaa. Really really sorry for making u wait. I'm still not FULLY recovered but still updated hehe.

This was boring i know. But the next chapters are gonna be a blast i promise.

Also u can check my other book "AND YOU'RE GONNA BE HAPPY". It's just a random book with memes, wallpapers, quotes and ff suggestions. Thank u sooo soooo sooooooooo much for almost 60k reads with almost 3k votes annndd...4.03k comments 🙂😂

Ohh!! I'm sooo happyyyyyyyy

Ohh!! I'm sooo happyyyyyyyy

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We did itttt!! Amiiii

Ramadan is coming. Well I'm happy on one side I'll be holy for 1 month at least....🙂
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