56: Sacrifice

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Soyun pov

I let myself fall of the window, wanting my body to collide on the ground and end everything. I saw someone's calling me....but i didn't look at the person. I didn't wanted him to stop me. I wanted to be free.

I felt like i was flying away. A smile crept on my lips before my body ached due to the impact. A tear dropped my eyes before letting darkness engulf me.
Good bye world. I know no one will miss me.

Jaemin pov (a.n: i had no other choice. Cuz i can't go back and change the stroyline now 😅 hope you'll still like it)

I looked the girl fall from the window as i rushed outside without anyother thoughts. I directly took the stairs and ran as fast i could. Once i reached down, i saw a crowd forming at the front of the hospital entrance.

Wild thoughts got into my mind as i guessed the person jumping out from the window. It can't be her....pls not let this happen god....With shaking legs, i ran towards the spot and my eyes widened as i saw her on a car, which i assume to be one of the gentleman's, who's eyes was teary.

Seriously is he crying for his car? But now my topmost priority was....soyun. I gpt her down with the help of some other staff and they ran towards the emergency room. My tears were flowing nonstop seeing her lifeless state.

Her dress was covered in blood, which of some i got. But i was least concerned about it right now. I paced back and forth impatiently and nervously sweating. Pls lord...save her.....

Suddenly, i saw some men rushing towards her emergency room. But i stopped them before they could go any further.
Excuse me sir (a.n: i can hear yoongi😂😂 *clears throat*) There's an operation going on inside. Step back.
I said in a cold but polite manner.

All of their eyes were red i guess due to crying. But one of the muscular dude came in front of me and held my collar.
U bastard. What have u done to my sister???
I rolled my eyes at him as i got to understand it's none other than her shitty asshole brothers. (A.n: 😭✌)

One of the guys with broad shoulder made that guy realise my collar and i stood straight fixing it. I returned them the cold gaze i was wearing and spoke through my gritted teeth.
Is she in this condition cuz of u guys?
They looked at me puzzled.

I looked away from them in annoyance as i understood they don't know me. Leaving a frustrated sigh, i looked at the tallest guy, who seemed more calm than the other.
I'm one of her friends, and i think that's enough to know for u guys. Now answer me. Is.she.here cuz of u?
I saw them looking at me amazed probably cuz of the tone I'm using.

But i don't care now. And why should i? I saw that tallest guy sigh.
Look...it's..its a complicated thing...u better stay out of it. U don't have the right to know these things.
He said making my blood boil.
Excuse me? (A.n: jimin, not again😢). Whom r u telling to stay out? Huh? I think u should ask soyun urself after she wakes up...with whom, she wanna stay. I bet she won't even want to see ur face after how u guys treated her.

I said confidently though i wasn't sure myself. But all of it slipped out of my mouth and i didn't regret it. I saw the old gentleman from earlier coming here with tears in his eyes. All the boys tensed seeing him. Do they know each other? I shrugged it off and focused elsewhere. But i could hear some of their talks.

Jin?! Didn't i give u the duty of taking care of her? Why is she in this condition now???
The man growled on the guy with wide shoulder.
Appa..look...we also don't know what happened. Don't scold jin hyung alone.
The tallest guys said. He's their appa???
What namjoon? What do u guys wanna know? That she fell on my car from the 4th floor??
The man said to the namjoon guy and all of their eyes went wide.

I scoffed and moved away from there. That's when i saw my noon coming towards me. Her eyes went wide seeing me and i got it what made her eyes wide. I was covered in soyun's blood. She ran towards me and started checking me if i was hurt somewhere.
No need to worry(a.n: yes we no need to worry. Cuz when we fall we know how to land) noonaa.

I said and she looked at me as if i stole a candy and she's my mom, ready to scold me. I narrated her the whole story and she understood.
I'm proud of u jae.
She said and ruffled my hair.
U then stay here, I'm going to pick up Jisung. Ok?
I nodded to her and she went away.

Just then, the doctor came out and i went to him in a millisecond (a.n: yes 😌)
Doctor? Is she alright now? Is she out of danger? Is she awake now? How's her condition?
I asked in a breath and the doctor looked at me like 😐 this (a.n: not really 😅😂)

Calm down boy. Ur girlfriend is ok now. Out of danger. And no she isn't awake. She will wake up after some hours. And her wounds need time to heal. Take care of her.
He said and patted my shoulder walking away. All those times, the boys were behind me which i didn't notice.

Most of them were puzzled.
3 of them screamed with wide eyes and i just ignored them. I walked away from them wanting to change my outfit. I look like a mess now. And i don't want my soyun to meet those devils first. I will keep her with me and show her she's worth living.

Namjoon pov (a.n: the leader of the proud of korea😌✌)

Appa went away after scolding us. We were feeling really guilty for leaving her. But we weren't able to stay with her either. My mind was loaded with loads of questions. Is she really hates us THAT much that...she wants to leave the world...? Maybe she doesn't wanna see us...but....why she tried to kill herself....

I saw other's condition and this made me control my emotions. I have to stay strong for my other brothers. But now I've made my decision. I understand that she needs time...time from us. Jaemin is right....we hurt her. She'll choose him over us....

So we will let her go...if that makes her happy...we'll sacrifice......

End of chapter 56


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