10: Love in a hell

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A.N: WARNING! Don't get a heart attack after reading this and don't kill me plz😂. I wanted to see ur guys reaction when i wrote about the punishment. But now..u see....go ahead. I'm again warning u. If u kill me, I'll haunt u being a ghost.🔪 So let's begin?!

3rd person pov

Soyun was now breathing heavily and sweating. She opened her eyes to see a worried jin looking at her. She got up hurriedly and backed away. She looked around and saw she was in the living room! She looked at jin to see him sighing before he spoke
What happened soyun? Why were u sweating like this?
She ignored his question and spoke in a trembling voice.
H-how did i g-get here? W-who b-bought me h-here?

Jin looked at her confused. Then he understood everything
Soyun-ah...were u seeing some bad dream?
Soyun looked at him confused
Jin nodded and opened his mouth yo speak.
Actually u were mumbling about something in ur sleep. U fall asleep here. And i saw u mumbling about...probably telling someone to let u go...
Then it clicked her. IT WAS A DREAM!

Soyun covered her mouths as tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't think of the dream. It felt so real and this made her afraid of them. As soon as jin saw her crying, he went forward and started soothing her
Hey..look, u are fine! Don't cry...u can tell me if anything happens....

He comforted her and pulled for a hug. Luckily, soyun didn't back away. She felt her brotherly affection again and this made her cling into jin's chest more. She cried in his embrace making his shirt wet. But jin didn't mind at all. He knew something's wrong with her and he wanted to help her. Because he accepted her as a sister.

After almost 15 minutes, soyun calmed down and broke the hug. She looked down at her lap feeling guilty for making his shirt wet.
Sorry oppa...i made ur shirt wet...
Jin just smiled and patted her head affectionately.
It's ok my princess! I can get a new shirt. But i can't get a new sister! Hehe
Soyun smiled at his words and for the first time after her brother's death, she felt loved.

It's not like her mother didn't love her. But she used to spend most of her times with her brother. So it was difficult for her to erase those memories. Jin looked at her lovingly and spoke while pinching her cheeks.
U know strawberry? U should smile more. U look cute while smiling.
He said with a bright smile.
Soyun asked puzzled.
Yep! Ur new nickname by me! Did u like it?
Jin said smiling. Soyun just attacked him with a hug and started sobbing on his shoulders. She spoke while sobbing
U know u remind me of my Minie oppa....

Jin broke the hug and looked at her.
U had a brother?
Soyun nodded and looked down.
H-he he...d-died....
Soyun said as she broke down in tears. Jin again embraced her and stocked her back while comforting her. Now he knew why she behaved like this. But he also knew this is not the only thing. There's still much to know. But for now, he decided to comfort the girl in his embrace.

I'm sorry...i loved him very much...so i couldn't stop myself when i think about him....
Soyun said as she felt embarrassed of herself crying in front of him like a baby. But jin assured her with a smile.
Don't worry strawberry...now u don't need to worry...I'll take care of u...and i will not let u remind of him!
N-no oppa..i don't want this. I don't wanna forget him.
Soyun said in a very low voice.

Jin just nodded and cupped her cheeks. He then got up and gestured her to stand. She stood up and looked at him. Jin said with a bit of worries in his voice.
U know..u have a lot of work to do...but it's ok...u can take rest. I will convince them-
No need oppa. I'll be totally fine. And why would i worry when i have such a handsome oppa to take care of me?
She said jokingly and giggled. Jin looked at her shocked and cupped his own face
Wow..u kid...u know what to sayy...ok then...i must inform u as well that I'm- WORLDWIDE HANDSOME!
Soyun tried her best to stop laughing while speaking
But o-oppa..i was just joking....u r not THAT handsome...

With that, she ran away. Jin just chuckled at her behaviour and thought Is that what it feels like having a sister? He smiled thinking of the little moment they had.

Soyun pov

I ran to my room and giggled. I was smiling and crying at the same time. He reminded me of MINHYUK oppa. I guess he accepted me as a sister. I went to my desk and started writing about this in my diary.

After some time, i heard yelling outside so i went there. Taehyung oppa was calling me. I went in front of him head hanging low. Then he spoke in a deep and husky voice.
Did u forget ur work? Huh? Or u want a punishment?

Hearing of punishment, my eyes went wide. I looked at his smirking face and was breathing heavily. All that i could remember was about the dream. I'm still afraid that they will do something to me. I quickly shook my head as a denial and spoke in a low voice.
N-no oppa....I'll work well. And p-plz d-don't giv-e me any any pu-punishment.

He looked at me with an unreadable expression and growled.
First of all DON'T call me oppa. And second, u WILL be punished if u do something wrong. So watch before u do something.
I nodded slowly and tears welled up in my eyes. He just went away and i let my tears fall.

I comforted myself by doing a self talk and started doing work. I thought of jin oppa. How he loved me. How he accepted me as a sister. I hope one day everyone can love me like this. I know this is a hell for me but at the same time, i like to be here cuz i have my jin oppa here!

End of chapter 10

So? How was it? Did u liked it? And also...how much shocked were u? Lemme know😂

Anyways...i wanna tell something and that is, if i mention any LOVE, it is obviously a sibling love. Cuz as i said...there will be NO ROMANCE between them. So i inform u beforehand!


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