11: Bloody hand

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There will be a lot of pov change ahead! ENJOY!!!

Soyun pov

I was cleaning the house and soon, it was the lunch time. I almost forgot that i didn't eat my breakfast! I'm kinda hungry.... But I AM THE ONE to make lunch!!! *Shit! I'm soo dead UGHHH* Just then, i saw jimin oppa coming. I gulped hard seeing his expression.

He came in front of me and i just looked down. My heart was beating at an inhuman speed. I felt like it's gonna come out if i just open my mouth. I didn't dare to look up until he spoke.
Wasn't the rules enough for you? Didn't we mention u to cook food for us?
I looked up at him and saw his scary expression which made me more nervous.

What huh?! You.were.ordered to make food isn't it?
I nodded slowly looking at the ground.
And what time is it nowh??
He asked me.
He cut off me by saying
It's past the time to cook!
I again looked down.

So i guess u want a punishment?
He said with a smirk and i jolted my heads up. I quickly shook my head and spoke trembling
N-no oppa...I'll make-
I flinched by his yelling.
First of all don't fucking call us oppa. And second, u don't need to make food for us now. We r not dependent on others...like U! We will order food online.
I just nodded with tears forming in my eyes. Am i a burden to them? I asked myself.

And....to ur bad...you'll still get punished for not listening to us. U.will.not.get any food today. Understood?
I looked up at his stern and smirking face with tears. He was satisfied seeing me like this. But i don't know why? He then started getting closer.

So weak! So pathetic huh?
He said and raised his one eyebrow. He looked hella scary. I started moving backwards until i hit the wall. He kept his right hand beside my head supporting the wall and blocks my way. He made his left hand on my waist and grinned evilly. I closed my eyes tightly with tears flowing down my cheeks.

P-plzz...don't-don't do anyth-ing to me. I'll obey all-all ur words...let me- let me go....
I said trying to get away from his grip. I couldn't bare any guy's touch well except jin opps. Cuz..he's not scary like the others! I guess that bastard sehun (sorry i love him very much) impacted me a lot. I was feeling uncomfortable with his touch.

He suddenly gripped my wrists so tightly i felt like it would break with a slight twist! I'm sure it's gonna make a dark bruise after on. I groaned a little and closed my eyes shut. I felt something poking my arms. I widened my eyes and saw jimin tracing my arms with a sharp pocket knife forming cuts and scars. I hissed in pain and blood started dripping of those cuts.

He let me go after he was satisfied and i fell just fell on the ground holding my hands, crying silently. He just left me there hurt and bruised. My hands were now covered in blood and my wrist was bruised up.

Suga pov

I was passing through the living room when i heard a sniffling sound. Curious, i went to see who's it. I saw soyun crying sitting in the ground holding her BLOODY hands. I kinda felt bed for her. I actually don't hate her...nor i do like her. Because we're not sure if she is one of spy of our rival gang or something like that.

We can't just do anything to her without being sure right? Even I've started researching on her and i didn't found anything suspicions except one thing. Moreover, she looks innocent enough not to involve in those shitty things. Her background is clear. But if u ask, we busted out back then because we r short tempered obviously.

So i wanted to help her as i felt...bad. But again, i don't wanna show her my other side except coldness. So i made myself somewhat stiffened and walked towards her.

Soyun pov

I heard footsteps coming towards me. I looked up to see suga oppa bending to my level but i backed away immediately. I was afraid that now HE will hurt me. I have had enough. I started pleading him with my bloody hands which was somewhat dried by now but still aching like hell.

Suga pov

To be honest, i felt guilty inside me after seeing her like that. Did we scare her that much? Well what else do i expect? She will be happy with those persons who did this to her? It was usual for her to be afraid. But i kept my coldness.

Shh...calm down. I'm not gonna hurt u.
I spoke in a reassuring yet cold tone. She looked at me shocked and hiccuping. She calmed down a bit but again, she got back to fear. I quickly spoke with the same tone
Follow me

She hesitated a bit but agreed at last. I was glad that she agreed. I took her in front of our first aid room. But i could see fear in her eyes. Her hands were shaking badly and at this point, she was unable to even stand properly. I went forward to hold her but she backed away immediately.

Soyun pov

We came near a room but i don't know which room it is. Suddenly,  fear took over me as my mind started recalling the dream. The room! My hands started trembling badly and i couldn't even stand properly. Suga oppa tried to hold me but i moved back.

P-plz don't keep me here....i promise- i promise I'll obey all of u...just please..don't g-give me any pu-punishmentt...

Suga pov

I was a little taken aback hearing her. Is she afraid that I'll give her punishment? I sighed and looked at her with an emotionless face.
Look, i didn't bring u here for punishment. I- j-just just get inside.
I said opening the door. She looked relief seeing the room. I sighed and closed the door. I actually wanted to treat her hands.

I don't wanna tell her that i care for her. I don't even show this to my hyungs...Well we may seem heartless but its only for our enemies, our targets. Not for the innocent. And same for the others. But the maknaes don't like her because we have serious trust issues.

We, the hyungs may handle the situation but the younger one's were very affected for our past especially jimin. So he's kinda like this. Overall, i don't think soyun is involved in those nasty things. If not, I'll handle this later. But for now, i decided to take care of her.

End of chapter 11

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