12: Does he care?

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Jimin pov

I went out of her sight after hurting her. I don't know why i felt bad after seeing her condition when I'm the one to hurt her. I saw her crying holding her hands. I examined her carefully but didn't find any sort of 'acting' in her behaviour. I was rude to her cuz i felt like she's a secret spy.

We can't forget the past incident so easily. That was a lesson for us. I saw suga coming towards her and looking at her caringly. I felt sudden anger rushed over me as i saw suga helping her. I sighed frustratedly and went out of there. I headed to my room but at the same time, i was a little relieved that hyung is helping her.

If i care about her then why did i hurt her at the first place? Think of those, i slammed the door of my room with anger. Suddenly, taehyung jumped up from my bed and looked at me shocked.
What's wrong jimin ah!?
I sighed as i sat next to taehyung.

Taehyung-ah...i..screwed up.
I said as i felt guilty inside me.
He asked looking at me.
I..i...hurted soyun badly....and to my perspective, her behaviour doesn't seem like acting.
I said and looked down at my hands.
What did u do?
He asked curious.

Actually...i was angry that she didn't cook food today. So i mentioned her about punish. But u know what? She was like more than terrified. I've never seen someone like this. First of all, if she would be a spy, she would examine us, our movement's very carefully. But instead, she avoids us as much she can....
I said thinking of her conditioning earlier.

He said also thinking about something.
Hyung...u also feel bad right?
I asked looking at him eagerly. He looked shocked hearing my question.
Admit it hyung....actually i also do...but i don't know why i did it. I let my ego take over me...and hurt her. Now even if i want her to forgive me, she won't...
I said as i laid on my bed facing the ceiling. There was a silence between us.

Suddenly, taehyung spoke
Jimin ah....what will we do if she's not like 'her'? U know about whom I'm talking....
Hmm....i know...and for 'her', I'm still not sure about trusting soyun. But if it's not what we're thinking, then we will surely ask her forgiveness. *sigh* but i know...after what I've done, i don't think she can forgive me....
I spoke as my voice cracked a little.
Hey...don't be like this....we can't be weak like before. And I'm sure...if she's not involved in these, she'll surly have a big heart to forgive u...

But hyung...i hurted her...i hurted her instead of protecting herh...i always wanted a sister..when i got, i was betrayed. Now how can i trust her?
I said in a sad tone. I remember how i took care of her. But at last, she left all of us heartbroken and betrayed. I hope soyun is not like that bitch.

Hyung...i think u should avoid her from now on. We know that...we can't be sweet towards her. But we can avoid her right? And when everything is settled...then...
Taehyung spoke in a low tune. I just nodded understanding what he meant. I have left no other choice.

(See...i didn't made them THAT bad!!)

Suga pov

I went to take out the medicines for treating her wounds. She was sitting there quietly looking at the ground. I went towards her and sat in front of her. She flinched a little by the sudden movement. I took her weak hands and started treating her carefully. She hissed in pain and closed her eyes shut.

A tear left her eyes due to the pain. I sighed as i took another piece of cotton with some medicines. She opened her eyes and looked at me shocked. I bandaged her hands and then got up. I heard her stomach growl. Her cheeks went red for embarrassment and she looked down. Cute

But didn't she eat her breakfast? I looked down at her and asked still with that cold tone
Didn't u eat ur breakfast?
She moved her head from left to right as a no. I sighed and started to exit.

I was going to exit when i heard a little voice.
Thank u for helping me....
I smiled a little but still replied in a cold tone
Don't think that i care for u. I only care because u won't be able to work for this. And also...don't u dare to tell anyone about this...

With that i walked away and locked closed the door. I facepalmed myself remembering what i just said. Then i went to search for jin hyung. I know he has talked to soyun and he's the only one who can help me.

I called him and waited for him to pick up.
Hey hyung...
Jin: yes...
I was wondering if...u could...
Jin: what's it suga? I swear if u ask me one more favo-
Can u bring food for soyun?
Jin: Wha-
She hasn't eat anything since morning....
Jin: but u urself just can-
I can't hyung. Please do this..for soyun...she's free with u...
Jin: *sigh* ok ok...where's she?
She's currently at the first aid room. And plz..don't tell her that I'm the one to tell u...
Jin: aish...alright....
Bye hyung...

I cut the call and smiled softly. Then went away in my room.


Soyun pov

I was in the first aid room sitting alone drowned in my thoughts. Does he really not care? Then why did he treated me? Maybe..he's right! He's just worried that I'll not be able to work. But again...what's the reason of them hating me? Again, why would he care if i ate or not?

My mind is messed up!!!! My hand is aching a lot. Then, i heard a knock on my door. I saw jin oppa coming with a bright smile. He brought some bags with him. But his eyes went wide as he saw my hands.
Yah! Strawberry!! Who have done this to uuu!!!
Aishh calm down oppa....it's not a big deal....

He sighed and sat down in front of me. He took the bags and showed me the foods inside. But my mind was elsewhere. How did he know I'm here and hungry?
He said arranging the foods.
How did u know I'm here?And...moreover, how did u know..that...I'm- hungry?

He looked at me hesitant to say something.
Actually..strawberry...suga hyung is the one who informed me. He told me to bring food for u. But don't let anyone else know about it! Cuz he's gonna kill me!
He said as both of us chuckled at his last sentence.
But strawberry...remember....he DOES care for u. Even if he deny to show it...

End of chapter 12

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