16: Caring

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I recommend u to listen to the above song 'Don't Wanna Cry' by SEVENTEEN. I'm sure you'll like it.
Now let's starrrtttt!!

3rd person pov

Soyun jumped on jackson's arm ignoring the weird stares they were getting. Jackson started spinning her around and she started giggling happily.

What's up cherry???!!!
Jackson said putting soyun on the ground.
Not fineh!!
Soyun said and crossed her arms over her chest.
I missed u so fucking much! Oww!
Soyun said immediately getting a smack on her head.
Yah u kid! Mind ur language!
Jackson started scolding her but soyun protested.

Oppaa~~ I'm NOT.A.KID anymore!!!
She said and stomped her feet while pouting still arms crossed.
Yeah yeah...only a kid do like this.
He said pointing her. Soyun turned towards the other direction saying
Fine I'll not talk to u
Owhh...I thought I'm gonna eat ice cream with u-
Let's goooo
Soyum screamed jumping like a kid hearing ice cream treat.

But u said u will not talk to meee~~
Jackson said while turning around but soyun jumped on his back giving a peak on his cheeks.
U r not gonna resist ur cherry right oppa??
She said in a cute voice making his heart melt. He smiled and nodded.
Okk my cherry! Now lets go?

Soyun almost screamed near Jackson's ear causing him to cover his ear.
Yaah! U wanna make me deaf!
U r already one
Soyun said and giggled
Aishh this kid
Jackson said annoyed.
Now pleaaaassse Let's goooo i can'twaaiittt~~
Soyun whined and started dragging him to a nearby shop

They were eating ice cream together like the old day. But only one person left. And that's minhyunk. Suddenly soyun remembered the old days making a tear drop her eyes. Jackson noticed this and quickly bend to her level. As soon he noticed tears in her eyes he pulled in for his embrace and started rubbing circles on her back an attempt to calm her down. He knew she missed minhyuk, his best friend. Even he also did. But he has to stay strong.

After some time soyun looked up
O-oppa...why did u leave me all alone? M-minie oppa s-said h-he h-he will co-come nex-t time w-with u....b-but-
She again started crying burying her head on his chest. Jackson's heart clutched seeing his sister like this. He treated her like a sister, not less than minhyuk. He was always with her beside minhyuk.

Shh...calm down cherry....we can't bring the past back....Minhyuk will not be happy if he sees u like this!
Jackson said in a soothing voice. Soyun calmed down a bit and sniffed.
Sorry oppa..
She said feeling guilty that she made his shirt wet. But jackson just smiled sweetly and spoke.
Feeling better princess?

Soyun nodded smiling a little. She really felt better after many days. She got her hug back, her comfort back.
Oppa...promise me u won't leave me alone again...
Soyun said looking at him with her doe eyes. Jackson pinched her cheeks and smiled
Promise promise promise. I won't leave u ever again. Happy?
Soyun nodded like a child and started eating her ice cream happily.

It was almost evening so soyun bade goodbye to jackson and headed to the mansion. Although jackson insisted her to drop at her house, soyun refused as she didn't want jackson to know about bts this soon. But she knew, jackson will find this out eventually.

She went in front of the house and sighed heavily thinking what could happen inside. She was going to to press the doorbell but stopped. She took the duplicate key from her purse and opened the door silently. She headed to the living room quietly but softly gasped as she saw the view in front of her.
Oh my god!

Taehyung pov

I was playing game all alone in the gaming room. But my mind couldn't focus and i didn't know why. I kept losing the matches. Jungkook will surely kill me. I was playing on his behalf so i need not to worry about position hehe.

After sometime of losing, i threw player (idk what to say) in frustration. I thought of watching some Netflix going downstairs. I checked the time and suddenly, i thought of soyun. What's taking her so long? Is she in trouble? Aish why am i thinking of her. Go to hell i don't care about her.

I was walking carelessly when i bumped on a vase and it shattered into million pieces with a loud sound. I made an annoyed face and called the maid. But to my bad, jimin hyung sent all the maids to a vacation. What a luck!!(taste ur own medicine boi) I started picking up the pieces carefully so that i don't get any cut. I was almost done when there were a few tiny pieces left.

I took a deep breath and started picking them up with my bare hand. And obviously, a piece got stuck onto my palm!!!! I hissed in pain as blood started dipping from my wound. I went to the living room and sat on the couch holding my hand which was now covered in blood.

The blood wasn't stopping despite much trying. That's when i heard light footsteps and then a soft gasp.
Oh my god!
Soyun saw my hand and immediately rushed towards me sitting on her knees.
Shit tae oppa! U cut ur palm!

She said worried and rushed to somewhere.... i didn't know where. After few minutes, she came back with a first aid box and again sat in front of me. I looked at her with a cold expression but she just ignored it and continued.

How can u become so careless oppa! See the piece got stuck!
She spoked as if she's my elder sister or mom. Even she didn't look scared as she was looking a few hours ago. She continued cleaning and i hissed occasionally. She continued scolding me like a mom scolding a child for not doing homework.

To be honest, i was amused by her behaviour. How she reacted only because of a slight cut. It was done soon and she mouthed a small done. She sighed and smiled looking at me. But soon her eyes went wide as if the realisation hit her. I wanted to laugh at her so bad but kept my cool.

I-I'm sorry. Really really sorry.
With that, she ran to her room leaving me smiling and thoughtful.
Is that what it feels like having a sister? Like real? I hope she's not like that previous bitch.
I thought and sighed. I again spoke to myself
Plz make our assumption wrong 'berry'...
And with that, i made my way towards my room.

End of chapter 16

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