18: Unnie

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Soyun pov

I hugged sana unnie as soon as i saw her. She was our elder sister, both me and minhyuk oppa. She used to take care of us and always helped us like a mother in absence of our mom. She was also shocked like me but hugged me back.
Yunnieee.....how have u been my puppy?
I broke the hug and looked at her annoyed.
First of all stop calling me that! I said i don't like the name!
I said and crossed my arms over my chest. I was looking like a child angry with her mother for not giving chocolate.

Sana unnie giggled and then pinched my cheeks.
But u ARE my puppy huh? I like this name!
No i am not! And how do u expect me to be well without u?! And....even u and jackson oppa both left me alone....
I looked down at the last part speaking in a low tone feeling sad.
Aww...don't be sad yunnie-ah. Now I'm here and I'll never leave u alone ok?
I looked up and smiled nodding like a kid.

We were gossiping forgetting about the track of time. When i came back to senses, i panicked thinking what taehyung oppa might do. It was almost 15 mins and he has been standing there waiting for me. Shit! I cursed under my breath and quickly exchanged number with sana unnie. I hurried to the exit and saw taehyung oppa standing there with an angry expression.

I went towards him with fear and stood in front of him. I saw him gritting his teeth and balling up his fists into a ball making me freaked out. Will he now kill me? Or beat me! Oh god help mee!! I screamed in my head feeling scared to the bottom.

Taehyung pov

I have been waiting for her standing outside the store. It has been almost 15 mins and still there's no sign of her! This girl! I saw her coming out with a scared face and approached in front of me. I gritted my teeth and made my fists a ball trying my best to control anger.

I can easily see she is scared to the bottom. And i don't wanna make it more worse. But my other side spoke. Maybe she had some trouble in there? Or she just did something about- no no no it can't be...or it can? I was debating in my head regarding this. But i just asked her calmly.
What took u so long?

She looked up at me with a feared expression then spoke.
I-i actually met one of my old friend. I'm s-sorry for being late.
I huffed in frustration then turned around to leave. She just followed me from behind. My mind was still thinking about her. Suga hyung is still researching about her. I hope nothings negative comes out.

But what will we do if everything is positive? What is she's really innocent? I have hurt her a lot. I'm sure she'll not forgive us that easily. I sighed once again and looked behind to see her walking quietly looking around like a lost child. She's really cute.

But she stopped walking looking at one direction. I followed the her gaze and saw a child crying sitting on the ground with bloody knees. She rushed to the kid and crouched to his level. I followed her from behind without speaking a word. I saw her taking out something from her bag totally ignoring my presence.

She took out a tampon and poured some antiseptic which was also in her bag. She treated the child with care and then made the kid stand.
Are u fine now?
The kid nodded cutely then looked at me as if he's looking at a tower. He then looked back at her and smiled widely forgetting that he was injured a few moments ago.

Tank u sho mucch nonnaa~~
I saw her smiling sweetly then cupped the kids cheek.
Ur welcome! I'm soyun! What's ur name big boi?
She said in a playful manner then giggled. This is the first time i saw her this happy. Any guy can fall for that smile i bet. But she smiles less as if there's so much grief inside her.

I saw the boy's eyes immediately lightened up heard her words.
How didh u know that I'm a BIIGG booi??
He said shocked.
I knew u are! Now tell me ur name!
Soyun said pinching the boys nose.
I'm hyungwoo! Noona u know, u look shoo butiful when u shmile!
He said and kissed her cheeks. Honestly, she DOES look so cute.

She held the boys small hand and smiled widely.
Really? Thank u shoo much! U r also handsome!
She said like the kid's voice. I smiled at them. The boy looked up at me and made a questionable face.
Heyy! Who are u! What do u want from my noona!
He said while glaring. He looked like a cute little monster. I smiled and bend to his level.

I'm your hyung! My name is Taehyung!
He looked at soyun and she nodded. As if he was asking her something.
Hey hyungwoo! Where's your parents?
Soyun asked the little kid.
I lost them! I was playing there-
We heard a woman voice from far. Hyungwoo ran to the women and hugged her legs. There was a man behind her looked at us.
Thank u thanku soo much for taking care of my child
The women said bowing in respect.

No no its totally ok! He is really cute!
Soyun smiled assuring them.
Mom u know! I hurth my knees! And thish nooma helped me!
He said pointing at his knees. His mother once again thanked us. The man gave us a card telling that he will always be available when necessary.

We also started heading towards our house just like before. But i was deep lost in my thoughts. She looks so kind hearted! And...moreover...she doesn't seem like that we are assuming. By this time, we arrived at our mansion and entered. I heard a notification from soyun's phone but as soon she read it, i saw her panic stricken face. But i shrugged it off and walked to the living room.

Soyun pov

We entered the mansion and a notification came on my phone. I opened it only to get nervous all of a sudden. It was from sehun.
U didn't come school today. But remember that u can't escape from me sweetheart!
I'm always after u!
I got scared reading this and after that, started heading to my room. Then i turned on the lights. But what i saw next in my bed left me speechless.

End of chapter 18

What do u think she saw that made her speechless? I know u can't guess hehe.

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